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Richmond Senior Movers and Downsizers

If you are thinking about downsizing to save money, live closer to family, or move into an assisted living community, senior movers can help you with more than just the boxes and the transporting. Senior move managers (SMMs) in the Richmond-area understand the transition and relocation process and display professionalism and compassion.

The Role Senior Move Experts Play

Unlike a regular moving company, senior move experts will work with you to clear the clutter and help you decide what items you want to take with you to your new home. They can arrange for donation drop-offs and pick-ups, moving sales, and utility transfers. The SMM will assist you in sorting items to give away and items to pass onto other family members.

A SMM can take measurements and help you decide the best place for your furniture in your new home as well as unpack your belongings once your are moved. If you are concerned about large boxes of photographs or collections of glassware or memorabilia, a SMM can brainstorm ways to keep the memories with you. In some instances, this can mean converting images to a CD, DVD, or a poster.

When To Call Senior Move Experts

No one knows when tragedy could strike or an emergency illness, so it is better to call the senior move experts early, even if you just need help decluttering. Less clutter will create a smoother transition in the long run. Experts suggest you call a SMM at the first sign of declining health.

Plan to call a SMM at least one month before listing your current home for sale. If it is a large space, you may want to get help earlier to clear out spaces like the garage, basement, and attic.

Richmond Senior Move Managers

You can find trustworthy SMMs through the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM). The organization trains the SMMs in safety and ethics and screens each company to verify insurance. NASMM has a database you can use to search for SMMs in your area for free. You can search by state or zip code. The database currently shows 30 SMMs serving Virginia and a dozen providing moving services to the Richmond area. The Better Business Bureau of Central Virginia lists the accreditation status, reviews, and ratings for companies in the area. You can also find listings and reviews online at directories that specialize in senior care services. If you are moving to an assisted living community or care facility, ask them about any moving services they use. Your friends and family may also have suggestions for you to consider.

The Cost of Senior Moving Professionals

The cost of using a senior moving service varies, depending on the amount of work you require of the company. The average SMM charges between $40 and $125 per hour. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that the average price locally is between $1,000 and $4,000. To save money, speak to the SMM about only doing the tasks you cannot perform or ask for a package deal that reflects a discount.

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