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Richmond Nursing Homes

Making the decision to move a senior loved one into a nursing home can be an extremely difficult for everyone involved. However, when they are no longer able to live independently and don’t have someone who can provide adequate care, nursing homes are often the best course of action. Here they can receive the skilled care they need. For some families, gathering some information about these facilities in the Richmond area can be beneficial.

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Facts and statistics about Richmond nursing homes

There is a total of 48 nursing homes in the metropolitan area of Richmond.

By the year 2030, it is estimated that the population of people over the age of 65 will more than double to 1.8 million.

There are a total of 32,088 nursing home beds in the state of Virginia with 87 percent (on average) filled.

70.3% of the population in Virginia that is over the age of 85 is female.

Length of stays in Richmond nursing homes

Up to 78 percent of the older population who winds up needing long-term care will be cared for by family or friends. However, for others, moving into a nursing home will be necessary. On average, a person who enters into a nursing home will stay for 892 days or 2.44 years. A total of 38 percent of patients in nursing homes will eventually be sent to another type of living facility or discharged from the nursing home. Only 10 percent of seniors who go into a nursing home will remain there for over five years.

However, there are some who enter the nursing home for end of life care. In fact, 65 percent of individuals who went into a nursing home died within a year of admission, and the average length of the stay in a nursing home for those who eventually passed away was five months.

Types of services provided by the average nursing home

Nursing homes, especially those that are referred to as Skilled Nursing Care centers provide 24-hour staffing that offers comprehensive services to individuals who need a higher level of care than what is provided in the typical assisted living facility. Most nursing homes provide care from registered nurses, which mean that residents can receive treatment for medical conditions and management of the medications they take.

However, skilled care is not all that is provided in the typical nursing home. In addition to quality care, residents in nursing homes also receive the following services:

Transportation to and from medical-related appointments Outings with groups Activities and social interaction Physical or mental therapy services Meals, housekeeping services and laundry service

As you can see, nursing homes provide a community for senior residents, where they are able to live and enjoy life.

Cost of living in a Richmond nursing home

One of the most challenging aspects of moving into a nursing home for some families is covering the cost. Knowing what to expect can be quite beneficial. The cost of care for a semi-private room in a nursing home (on average) is $242 per day or $88,480 per year. For a private room, the cost is (on average) $266 per day or $96,991 annually. These costs can be quite high, which is why it is essential to plan well in advance for long-term care. This will help ensure the costs can be covered when the time comes to seek these services.

Qualities to look for in a nursing home in Richmond

Searching for a nursing home in Richmond, means you need to consider a number of features. Some considerations to make include:

Location of the facility: do you want something nearby to family and friends, or something off the beaten path and out of the urban area?

The quality of the food that is provided: will the nursing home customize meal plans for seniors who may have food sensitives or certain diet restrictions?

The atmosphere of the nursing home: the best way to determine this is by taking a tour or visiting the location.

Skills of the staff: it is a good idea to ask about the requirements to be hired at the nursing home to ensure the staff has the level of care necessary.

Taking the time to evaluate the nursing home options that are available will help a senior and their family choose the facility that is best suited for their ongoing care. With the information here, you should be well on your way to finding the right long-term care facility.

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