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Richmond Neighborhood Guide

It’s no secret that history comes alive in Richmond, Virginia, where so many historical events took place. Richmond is also home to a thriving art scene, especially in the area of Communication Arts. Folks in Richmond are laid back and friendly. The downtown area has lots to do from browsing quaint boutiques and vintage shops, to dining in dive restaurants with sweet, southern cuisine.

Richmond History and Culture

Start a tour of Richmond at the Capitol building which was designed by Thomas Jefferson, where you will learn that famous visitors to the capitol include Queen Elizabeth. Take yourself back to the days of the Revolutionary War with a performance of the Second Continental Congress, professionally re-enacted by costumed actors. The Road to Revolution Trail leads to the Hanover Courthouse and Hanover Tavern where Patrick Henry spent much of his time. Check out the Civil War era cannon at Malvern Hill Battlefield and visit the Dabbs House Museum, the former site of Robert E. Lee’s headquarters. Travel back in time over 400 years and experience colonization at Henricus Historical Park.

Five Senior-Friendly Communities

Richmond communities have enough diversity of housing to please wealthy and budget-conscious seniors. Each neighborhood has its own flavor of diversity, lifestyle, and pace of living. Here’s what some of them have to offer:

The Fan

The Fan lies on the eastern edge of Richmond. The community gets its name from the fan-shape of the street layout. Old and young neighbors live side by side in a variety of housing from Victorian townhomes to apartment-style living. Housing costs are high in this neck of the woods, but it’s a small price to pay for the ease of getting around on foot or by bicycle. It’s hard not to stop on Monument Avenue for a while to gaze at the statues of Confederate heroes.

Woodland Heights

Residents of Woodland Heights can be in the downtown area within minutes. It’s a grand mix of urban, suburban, traditional, artsy, and everything in between. People of all ethnicities live in homes of every architectural style. Woodland Heights is a home with iconic diversity.

Oregon Hill

Past residents of Oregon Hill made their way each day to the Tredegar Iron Works or Albemarle Paper Company to work and collect a paycheck. Oregon Hill is on the cusp of revitalization with many of its historic buildings being renovated and restored. Seniors will love this working class area and the tight-knit community.


Enjoy living in the quiet of the suburbs while running your errands in the nearby city. That’s the kind of living that seniors can expect in Bellevue. Appreciating the little things in life is the ideal way to spend the days in this neighborly community. With Cape Cod-style homes and Craftsman architecture, homes are modest and reasonable for now. Seniors looking to settle in Bellevue might want to take their pick before the notables in Washington D.C. snatch up the properties.


Cape Cod homes are nestled in between larger, stately homes in the Westham neighborhood. Seniors can take some enrichment classes at the University of Richmond or take in a round of golf at the stately Country Club of Virginia. Seniors will love the wildlife and natural flora that beautifies all of Westham.

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