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Richmond In-Home Care

There are dozens of reasons why seniors may be interested in in-home care. A main consideration when deciding on care options is the cost. In Richmond, 2015 stats show us that seniors paid nearly the same amount for in-home care, $122 per day on average, as they did for assisted living care, $126 per day on average. In-home care was considerably less expensive than daily private nursing home care which cost $266 on average. In-home care allows seniors to stay in their own comfortable surroundings while still receiving the assistance that they need.

This article is designed to present you with information about in-home care, including the services available in your area, reviews of the care providers in Richmond, and suggestions on finding the right fit for your care needs.

Reviews on Richmond in-home care

There are over 20 in-home care providers in the Richmond area who offer two main types of care services to seniors, home health care and personal care. The care providers all are required to be state-certified and list their business with the Department of Aging and Disability Services Home and Community Support Services Agencies program.

When we delve into the quality of care in Richmond, we see some impressive results. The client and family reviews posted on give us insight into what is important to look for when choosing in-home care, and how local agencies measure up. Here are a few comments from the site.

In-home care provides peace of mind to loved ones. “They are helpful in assisting me keep my mom at home. The caregivers are punctual, if a caregiver doesn't show up the agency quickly finds someone else to fill in. I can feel at ease that my mom is being looked after and safe,” wrote the child of a Visiting Angels customer.

Access to helpful, caring staff who provide assistance when you need it. “Very grateful for Options for providing our mother with the best home care we've had in the past years. Staff are compassionate, professional, and available on weekends in case of emergency. We did use them on weekends and they truly came through. 24/7 is not just talk with Options. They ARE there for you 24/7,” wrote Faith, the daughter of an Options for Senior America customer.

Other reviews highlighted agencies who were able to provide care quickly, even on the same day. Know that many providers have the staff available to accommodate last-minute care needs and requests.

Care that fits your needs on your schedule

One of the perks of in-home care is that it can be customized to be there when you need it. The care needs of every senior are different, and agencies will work with you to develop a schedule that is the right fit. You may be searching for respite care, part-time care to stop by during the day to offer companionship and assistance, or full-time care to provide help for a loved one on an around the clock or live-in basis.

Identifying care combinations that are the best fit for you

Determining the right care combination for you or your loved one is an important step. By having options to choose from, you’ll be able to have a great quality of care, and a back-up plan in place should you ever need it. Here are some suggestions on how to piece together your care plan.

In some cases, hiring a caregiver directly is a great option. Here you can have complete control over the person providing care for your loved one, and if you have a family member who is up for the job, then you’re able to pay them the going rate for their services. Hiring directly will mean that you incur the responsibility of taxes, payroll, and insurance. Also, if you are personally interviewing, screening, vetting, and hiring the candidate, it can be a time-consuming process.

Using a combination of agency provided care and direct care is another popular option. This combination allows you to pay a family member for the care they’re providing, but also utilize an agency should the caregiver need respite or time off from their caregiving duties.

Adding local concierge and online shopping services to your care combination can ease the burden on the caregiver by delivering goods and services right to your door. Online shopping can be used for household items, and concierge services can do everything from delivering groceries to walking your dog.

Ask friends and loved ones for recommendations on service providers in your area, and be sure to spend some time online reading reviews on the businesses. The Better Business Bureau of Central Virginia has a number of customer reviews and feedback on their site to help you make an informed decision.

Covering the cost of in-home care

Medicare will provide assistance for seniors in need of care under a very specific set of circumstances. Other assistance options for low-income seniors are applying for Medicaid, or if you are a military veteran who served during a war time or a widow, you can apply for help from the VA Aid & Attendance pension.

If you’re looking to pay for care directly, consider using the benefits from a long-term care insurance policy. Alternately, if you’re a homeowner you may be eligible for a reverse mortgage to access funds to pay for care.

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