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Richmond Hospitals

Head to the nearest hospital to receive care for your aging needs. Many hospitals have a geriatrician on staff to help seniors understand their changing bodies, and provide support during this time. You may be experiencing joint pain, shortness of breath, memory loss, and more. A geriatrician will discuss your treatment options and assist with medication management to ensure you are thriving. Richmond offers a number of geriatricians who can help.

Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center

The Bon Secours Richmond Health System offers a number of hospitals and medical centers in the area. Memorial Regional Medical Center is one option. The 225-bed facility opened in 1998. It is now nationally recognized for stroke treatment. Comprehensive Cardiac Care, a Heart and Vascular Institute, Cancer Institute, and Orthopaedic Institute are all included. There is also a Behavioral Health Group, where a top geriatrician performs his duties.

Virginia Commonwealth University Health

VCU Health has a section of Geriatric Medicine at its Medical Center. Nursing homes are included, providing care to people long-term. House calls, transitional care between hospital and home, and palliative care are also available. The center works with Medicare Services to make things affordable for patients.

Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center

The Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center offers primary care services to veterans. Geriatricians and family medicine physicians work to provide all veterans at the center with the best care possible. Obesity treatment, prevention and treatment of Diabetes, prevention of high blood pressure, cancer screenings, and osteoporosis treatment are some of the main focuses at the center.

Dr. Sheila Turbides Minaya

Associated with the American Geriatric Society, Dr. Sheila Turbides Minaya works with neighborhood medical centers to provide care to underprivileged communities. She is part of JenCare. Dr. Minaya travels between hospitals, clinics, and volunteer locations to offer her services, particularly to seniors. The other primary care physicians working with JenCare, along with Dr. Minaya, like to check on patients at least once a month to ensure they are healthy and doing well. This also works well as a preventative measure to catch an illness as soon as it begins, rather than waiting for it to worsen.

Patterson Avenue Family Practice

Multiple physicians are part of Patterson Avenue Family Practice, including geriatricians. Typical care options, as well as senior care, are all offered at the medical home. There are also chronic care services for those with long-term disabilities, including Diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. The practice is part of Bon Secours, as are many of the hospital and clinic facilities within Richmond.

Searching for Richmond Geriatricians

The Bon Secours Richmond Health System is extensive in the area. Multiple hospitals and organizations are part of it. In order to find the largest number of physician possibilities, you can search through the Bon Secours system. Their site offers a physician locator, where you can search by zip code, last name, specialty, subspecialty, and even languages spoken. Various facilities are included in the search to provide a wider range of options.

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