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Richmond Demographics and Lifestyle

What comes to mind when you hear of Richmond? Some of us think of the city’s rich history, but what is it like to live there? We have put together this short guide to the inhabitants, climate, and wildlife of the River City.

What Sorts of People Live in Richmond?

Over 200,000 people call Richmond home. According to the latest census numbers from 2010, more than two out of five Richmonders self-identify as white, over half of the population is black, about two percent are Asian, and more than six percent of Richmond residents identify as Hispanic. In addition, more than 52 percent of the population is female, and one out of every nine residents is aged 65 years or older.

With Richmond’s attractive housing market and strong economy, people from all over the United States and the world are moving here. As a matter of fact, seven percent of the city’s residents were born abroad. One out of every ten people in Richmond speaks a language other than English at home. There are a number of ethnic communities in Richmond. A University of Richmond class mapped the communities using the 2010 Census data.

What Is the Climate Like in Richmond?

Richmond has a humid subtropical climate. The winters are cool with average lows just below freezing. The summers are hot and humid with highs in the 80s and average relative humidity between 75 and 80 percent. For the most part, precipitation is distributed uniformly throughout the year. Yet, in the fall, there can be several weeks of mild, pleasant weather when it does not rain at all. It does snow during the winter, but it is relatively light with falls of three inches or more in a 24-hour period only occurring about once per year.

In the winter, storms can cause damage with freezing rain and snow. During the other seasons, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and hurricanes may occur. Flooding is the most common natural force that causes damage in Richmond. March is the worst month for this.

If you live in Richmond, you may want to consider purchasing flood insurance. FEMA provides a helpful website you can use to assess whether you are at risk for flooding. Also, the City of Richmond Office of Emergency Management gives tips for what to do in a flooding situation, such as avoiding moving water, tuning into local TV and radio stations for information, going to higher ground if possible, and having an evacuation plan in place.

What Flora and Fauna Are in Richmond?

The flooding does not keep the wildlife away from Richmond. The James River area is home to a broad range of species from otters and heron to bald eagles and more. To learn about what fish, birds, reptiles, wildflowers, and other plants are in the area, check out the James River Park System website.

For the most part, you do not have to worry about the animals and plants in and around Richmond. There is only one species of venomous snake in the area, the Northern Copperhead. Poison ivy is also common in nature around Richmond.

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