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Richmond Aging In Place

Your home is most likely where you feel most comfortable and as you get older the place that you want to stay. Aging in place allows you to get the care that you need as a senior while staying in the home you’re most comfortable. You can find services like homemakers and home health aides that help you with cleaning, cooking, and other errands as well as help you with your personal grooming, bathing, and medication reminders. You can enjoy the parks of Church Hill or the close-knit community of Bellevue all while getting the care you need without ever leaving home.

Who Pays For In-Home Care?

There are a number of ways that you can cover the costs of in-home care services and it might not always be totally up to you to pay for everything. If you have long-term care insurance you should look over your policy to see if it will cover services. If you’re a veteran your VA assistance could cover in-home care and if you’re a low-income senior you can use your Medicaid Benefits. Virginia also has a waiver available for the elderly and disabled that will help cover the costs of in-home services so you don’t have to move into a nursing home.

How Much Is In-Home Care?

Your total cost will probably vary from other seniors total costs and that’s because things like location, care type, and frequency of care factor into that final cost. If you look at the national monthly average for homemaker services and home health aides combined, it comes out to around $3,800.

Fortunately, the averages in Richmond are actually a little lower. Homemaker services come in at $3,194 per month and home health aides cost about $3,314 per month. This breaks down into about $105 to $109 per day and is much more affordable than the $231 per day for a semi-private nursing home room. Remember these are just averages and should give you a range of what to expect when it comes to cost.

What Should I Look For In A Provider?

You want to feel comfortable with the people in your home and you want to make sure you’re getting the care you need so do some research before you pick a provider. Talk to your friends and family members to see if they have suggestions and ask your healthcare provider if they have any referrals. Websites like the Better Business Bureau of Richmond can help you get a feel for each company through business reports and user reviews.

You should also ask each company some questions to find out if they have the right licenses, insurance, and if they are bonded. You should know how they hire their employees and if they use screenings or background checks. You need to find out how they accept payment and if they have any payment plans as well as how they go about scheduling services. No question is too silly and you should know everything you can before you sign a contract.

What Other Types Of In-Home Care Are Available?

Maybe you aren’t ready to have a home health aide with you for the majority of the day but you could use a little extra help once or twice a week. That’s the beauty of in-home care, you can build your own care plan. The internet has started to offer more services for those who need some extra help around their house.

Pet lovers can find help for their furry friends on Handy is a good place to find housecleaners and TaskRabbit can help you with any other chore or errand. If your house needs some extra attention or repairs, look at Amazon Home Services or to find the help you need. Just like with any other business, ask questions and do your research before you start services.

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