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Medicaid in Richmond

Medicaid is an important resource to many seniors in the Richmond area. More than two-thirds of Virginia’s senior healthcare services receive funding from Medicaid, including nursing homes, in-home care providers, adult day program facilities, and hospice providers. If you’re searching for Medicaid resources in the area or wondering if you qualify to receive benefits, take a look at our helpful overview of how the program works in the state of Virginia below.

What are the criteria to qualify for Virginia Medicaid?

Virginia residents age 65 and older, or any adult with a disability expected to last a year or more who require a minimum of 30 days of medical care, are eligible to apply for Medicaid. Qualified applicants will also have a limited income and few assets excluding their home and car.

Assistance with your application, benefits, and claims

The best way to access an application, your benefits information, or check the status of a claim is to create an account at the Virginia Medicaid portal. After setting up a username and password, you can submit your application online.

If you don’t want to apply online, there are 3 local department of Social Services offices in Richmond who can offer in-person assistance. They are located at: East Richmond: East District Center, 701 North 25th Street Downtown: Marshall Plaza Building, 900 East Marshall Street South Richmond: Southside Community Service Center, 4100 Hull Street Road

You may also call the Virginia Medicaid Member Helpline at 804-786-6145.

The Richmond office on Aging and Persons with Disabilities has additional resources that may help with understanding Medicaid benefits and the application process. They have partnered with community organizations who have volunteers to help you use a computer and access your online benefits. Visit their website or contact them by phone at (804) 646-1082.

What does the senior Medicaid coverage in Virginia include?

The Medicaid program in Virginia provides standard medical care including visits to the hospital, doctor, and dentist, as well as lab work, x-rays, and prescriptions. Seniors may also qualify for in-home caregiving, adult day programs, long-term nursing home care, or hospice services through the program.

All long-term care benefits must be administered by Medicaid approved and certified facilities. You can access a listing of all approved facilities here or you can simply inquire with the provider you’re interested in whether they accept Medicaid at their facility.

Medical appointment driving services

In Virginia, the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) coordinates all of the Medicaid approved non-emergency medical transportation for seniors to and from their doctors appointments. The services are provided by LogistiCare, and appointments can be made by phone, fax or online. To schedule transportation, call the scheduling department at (866)-386-8331 at least five business days in advance. Seniors interested in taking public transportation such as a bus to an appointment also have that option. Call to schedule the transportation in the same time frame as above and a bus pass, ticket, token or other reimbursements will be made for the trip.

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