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How to Get Around Richmond Without Driving

Whether you’re looking for a day of shopping, sightseeing, or running errands around town, you know that Richmond has something to draw you to places throughout the city. While this makes it exciting, it can be a hassle if you aren’t able to drive or don’t have a vehicle to get you around. Thankfully, there are several transportation options in the city that can help you or a loved one get from point A to point B without any trouble. Whether you prefer public transportation, a taxi ride, a senior-friendly organization, or a ride-sharing service, you’ll find them all in Richmond.


The Greater Richmond Transit Company provides public transportation to the Richmond area and expands into parts of Chesterfield and Henrico counties. One of the most effective public transportation systems in the country, the GRTC Pulse bus system offers fast, reliable service through the corridor. Seniors ages 65 and older with a valid ID or their Medicare card are eligible for a discounted fare every day, known as the yellow series. Seniors ride all day, every day for 75 cents with this reduced rate. All GRTC buses are equipped with a number of features to make it easy for seniors to travel including wheelchair lifts and seating, low-floor buses that eliminate the need to step up large steps when boarding, and priority seating.

Seniors who need additional assistance beyond public transportation can schedule a ride with the GRTC van service CARE. CARE provides curb to curb service from your home or pick up location to your destination and offers staff assistance, if needed, getting to your destination. An application is required to participate in the program. Call (877) 232-7433 for more information.

Taxi transportation

Taxis are another popular point to point transportation option that many people use to get to the airport or to other destinations throughout the city. There are several companies licensed in Richmond including Napoleon Taxi and Veterans Cab who offer online or over the phone pre-reservations, real-time requests, and even have speciality services like environmentally friendly cabs. Some of the local providers also make it easy to pre-pay for a ride, which is a great option if you’re arranging a pick up for a parent or loved one and want to make it a simple process for them.

Senior-friendly transportation services

Many of the homemaking or health service providers in Richmond will offer transportation as an option to their clients. Providers like Angles for Hire, Acti Kare In-Home Care, and Angel Ride want to help seniors stay independent and will offer a ride to appointments, the store, to run errands, attend a social gathering, or even to an outing in town. The services vary by provider, but there are lots of perks to traveling with a caregiver who can often times assist you once you get to your destination.

Ride-sharing services

Uber, and just recently Lyft, are both available services in Richmond. Popular with the tech-savvy crowd, these ride-sharing services provide door to door transportation that you schedule through an app on your smartphone. You can set up a ride ahead of time or request a pick up from a location right away. The pricing for both are similar, but it’s important to understand the fee structure. During busier times, like rush hour, customers may experience “surge pricing” and pay more for a ride. Everything is explained in the app, so be sure to become familiar with how it works.

Still have questions on finding the right ride

The Capital Area Agency on Aging in Richmond, known as Senior Connections, has a wealth of resources to help connect seniors with the transportation option that is best for them. Funded by the Virginia Division for Aging, their goal is to keep seniors independent and provide a great quality of life. Call (804) 343-3000 to speak with someone who can help.

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