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How Much Does Richmond Assisted Living Cost?

Seniors that are looking for a temperate climate with close proximity to the beauty of the mountains and the ocean will find a senior’s paradise in Richmond, Virginia. Public transportation for seniors is accessible and inexpensive, which places the city’s museums and monuments right at their fingertips. Richmond’s cost of living keeps pace with the national average, which makes the city an attractive location for comparing costs of assisted living facilities.

In today’s economic times, it can be difficult to plan for future costs. When searching for a viable assisted living program, do your best to forecast future and current costs into your budget.

Assisted Living Options in Richmond, VA

The Virginia Division for the Aging has a “No Wrong Door” program for seniors. “No Wrong Door,” also known as the Aging and Disability Resource Connections (ADRC), is a helpful service for seniors because it is virtually a single point of entry for accessing public and private services for aging and disabled adults. The program is a collaborative partnership that supports seniors in the living environment of their choice.

Virginia is home to dozens of quality assisted living facilities for seniors. ADRC has an easy-to-navigate online resource for senior housing called Virginia Easy Access. The website answers the most frequently asked questions about senior housing options including:

Assisted living- four or more adults live together offering non-medical care Adult foster care- housing, supervision, and special services for up to three adults Nursing home- 24/7 nursing care in a residential facility *Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)- long-term continuing care Group home- group home with 24/7 supervision and assistance for seniors with disabilities

*ADRC recommends consulting with a financial advisor before signing a contract with a CCRC due to the high cost of services. Learn more about CCRC at the Bureau of Insurance website.

Average Assisted Living Costs in Richmond, VA

Richmond offers affordable senior housing, low taxes, and accessible transportation to help its aging population enjoy quality of life. Assisted living in Richmond is very affordable. On the low end, you can expect to pay about $900 per month. The high end of the range tops out at about $4500 per month. Richmond has a low sales tax of only 5.3% for household items, which is below the United States average. Senior Connections is a state program that helps seniors find affordable transportation options.

How to Compare Assisted Living Facilities

When comparing assisted living facilities, the first thing is to identify your funding source and then compile a list of facilities that will accept the funding that you have. At this point, you will have a short list of possible choices. From there, you’ll want to think about your preferred lifestyle and amenities that you can’t live without. If you want to take your pet with you, cross off facilities that aren’t pet-friendly. Also, consider whether you prefer meals to be prepared for you or whether you’ll want a kitchen of your own. If you are an active senior, you’ll also want to learn what kinds of activities the facility provides or if there is park district or other organization nearby that offers the activities that you enjoy most. Taking these things into consideration will help you narrow the list a bit further. Your final step will be to visit the facilities so that you can see if their facilities, programs, and amenities live up to their websites.

Assisted Living on a Budget in Richmond, VA

Every facility will have a different contract which spells out which utilities and amenities are included and which are extra. Some seniors will appreciate the convenience of having a just a few bills to pay each month. Others prefer facilities that allow them to pay for the amenities and services that they use most. Paying for some services and utilities individually, such as grounds keeping, laundry, or meal plans can make a facility more affordable and enjoyable.

Paying for Assisted Living in Richmond, VA

Finding a way to pay for assisted living might just be easier than you anticipated. Medicaid eligible seniors will have a good selection of facilities to choose from. Veterans may take advantage of the VA AID & Attendance Pension, which offers separate additional funding from the pension for assisted living. If you have previously taken out a long-term care policy, this is a good time to schedule a consultation with a financial planner to learn how it can be used, as well as what limitations it may have. The state of Virginia also offers funds for assisted living. Visit the Virginia Department of Social Services Auxiliary Grant program website to see if you qualify for assistance.

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