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Financial Assistance for Richmond Seniors

As a pioneering people, we became a nation that pulled together to help each other in the spirit of community. Much of that spirit began in the historical city of Richmond, Virginia, which became the capital of the Confederacy. Today, Richmond is home to a diverse population of people who admire and respect its aging neighbors. Most of the elderly people in Richmond live a good life, but it’s never easy living on a fixed income. A medical emergency or other unexpected major expense can shake the most solid budget. Here are some local Richmond resources to lend financial assistance for seniors who need it.

Volunteer Organizations Help Richmond Seniors

JFS Richmond understands that many seniors feel isolated and that showing compassion and understanding in the life of a senior is something that really makes a difference. JFS trains visitors and sends them out to the homes of seniors to offer friendship and companionship to seniors who feel alone. Even a phone call makes a difference. JFS has volunteers that make weekday phone calls to seniors to check in, chat for a bit, and to make sure they are okay. It’s a rewarding program for the seniors and the volunteers. Seniors can understand and offer empathy to other seniors who need help. Seniors Helping Seniors is a program that sends seniors out to care for other seniors. Workers offer help with household chores, cooking, cleaning, and offering companionship.

Food Assistance in Richmond

Food banks and other assistance progrmas are plentiful in Richmond, so there is no reason for any senior to go hungry. Feed More is a unique program that offers food services for seniors and others in need. The building is a “green building” that preserves natural energy. The program partners with community organizations and businesses to offer a food bank, meals on wheels, and a community kitchen. The Meals on Wheels program is administered by the Capital Area Agency on Aging, where volunteers deliver meals to seniors up to five days per week. The program also staffs the Neighborhood Café, where seniors can enjoy noontime meals with other seniors.

Help with Senior Housing

Feed the Future is a program that seeks to fill the gaps between government programs and low-income families. The program offers help with rent payments and other assistance for people who live at the poverty level but don’t qualify for other programs. The Hearth of Henrico, formerly Interfaith Services, is a non-profit agency that helps families and individuals get a hand up on their financial stability and helps them maintain it so that they can continue to support themselves. Resident can get assistance with rent and mortgage payments and utilities.

Help with Legal Matters

The Legal Aid Justice Center is a law firm that provides pro bono legal services to low-income people. Their mission is to serve people that have the least access to legal help. The law firm provides a full range of legal services, including those that are not provided by state or federal governments. The firm serves as an advocate by addressing the root cause of their clients’ issues.

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