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Top Reno Senior Discounts

Senior discounts are a U.S. tradition.  Considering the numerous negatives that surround the process of growing older, it’s great to enjoy some benefits also. Continue reading to find out about 10 places in Reno where you can take advantage of a senior discount and have a wonderful day out.

1. Nevada Museum of Art

Nevada's only accredited art museum is located in downtown Reno in a magnificent new four-story building designed by architect Will Bruder. Enjoy a fascinating tour of some of the greatest art in Nevada. Enjoy a healthy discount for being a senior.

2. Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center

The Fleischmann Planetarium was built in 1963 and offers visitors a digital planetarium show open to the public in the huge dome theater. The center also organizes field trips and education in space and Earth science for groups and schools.

3.  Animal Ark, Reno, Nevada

Animal Ark is a wildlife sanctuary and education center, which started in 1981 to offer a safe place for abandoned, injured, and wild animals that could not be rehabilitated and released into their natural habitats. Seniors can enjoy a day out with the family at a discount.

4. Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum

The Nevada Discovery Museum is a massive playground, hands-on science center, and kids' museum in downtown Reno. There are many possibilities for child learning that are well-disguised as games and lots to keep seniors entertained as well.

5. National Automobile Museum

The National Automobile Museum in Reno is the best playground for car lovers. You can spend a whole day wandering among over 200 gorgeous old autos. They are not just on display! Each is set out on a cobblestone street in front of a store or movie theatre with artifacts from the car's era.

6. National Championship Air Races

Every September at the airport outside Reno, at the site of the old Stead Air Force Base, air race enthusiasts from all over the world arrive to watch the National Championship Air Races, an exciting event in northern Nevada. Seniors receive a discounted admission.

7.  Mt. Rose Ski Resort

30 miles south of Reno, in the Carson Range, you will find the top class ski resort: Mount Rose Ski Tahoe. This resort covers an area of 1200 acres and is located in the center of the awesome Toiyabe National Forest.

8. Rancho San Rafael Park

The Rancho San Rafael Park provides amazing views of both mountain and desert landscapes, and a wetland habitat. This land, once home to a real cattle ranch, was converted into a delightful park after Washoe County bought the land in 1979.

9. The McKinley Arts and Culture Center

The McKinley Arts and Culture Center is in the old McKinley Park School. The edifice was renovated in 1999 and houses offices, art galleries, arts and crafts studios. The McKinley is home to the Reno Philharmonic and the Reno Chamber Orchestra, the Masterworks Chorale, and the Reno Pops Orchestra.

10. The W.M. Keck Museum

As the second oldest museum in Nevada, the Keck Museum is dedicated to showing the mineral and geological variety in the state of Nevada.

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