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Reno Veterans Support Groups

Social activities, benefit claims, tax breaks, and transportation are just a few of the details veterans need to know. The city of Reno offers numerous resources that help veterans find information about these topics. Many people just do not know where to look to find the resources in the first place. Local, state, and federal support provides you with the details you need on all significant topics. Take a peek at this comprehensive look of Reno options and get the data you desire.

Finding Support in Reno

The VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System, at 975 Kirman Avenue, allows you to obtain medical services when in need. There are two numbers you can call to schedule an appointment or speak to someone about the possible services offered. Reach them at 888-838-6256 or 775-786-7200. An additional telephone care line specifically intended for scheduling also exists, 775-829-5685.

The Reno Regional Benefit Office, at 5460 Reno Corporate Drive, has regular hours of 8 am to 4 pm. Wednesday hours change to 8 am to 3 pm. Visit during these hours to receive guidance on critical topics to veterans, such as housing, jobs, health care, and benefits.

Nevada Veterans Support

Contact Veterans Services of Nevada at their primary office location in Reno, available at 5460 Reno Corporate Dr #131. Any veteran from the state of Nevada can call the organization at (775) 688-1653 to discuss service options and assistance possibilities. You can also check out their website and sign up for benefits through NVVetNet.

The Nevada Department of Veterans Services provides additional guidance. The building resides at 6900 N Pecos Rd #1c238. Veterans from the state may visit this facility when looking for information. Whether you need to file a claim, obtain a housing application, gain employment, or something else entirely, check out the website to discover the latest news or search for relevant details.

Federal Organizations That Offer Assistance

The VFW provides aid to everyone throughout the U.S. You do not need to call a national number, though. Instead, visit one of the several posts available in your area. Reno has various addresses available where you can attend monthly meetings and discuss your needs for services.

255 VFW Historic Lane; Meet at 7 pm on the second Tuesday of the month.

500 Double Eagle Court; Visit on the third Tuesday each month at 7 pm.

75 Cowan Dr; Attend evening meetings on the second Wednesday at 7 pm.

Offering Our Appreciation to Reno Veterans

Veteran’s Day is the ideal time to show support to the troops and veterans who have fought in previous wars. Many cities, including Reno, host their own parade to show appreciation to their local veterans in particular. Downtown Reno is where you will want to be on November 11, if you do not want to miss the show. It starts around 11 am and ends anywhere between 1 and 2 pm. The event goes on rain or shine, as long as there are no serious storms.

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