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Reno Veterans Benefits

If you’re a veteran, then you have earned benefits to help you with everything from your health to your education. Reno offers veterans numerous programs and services to help get the full use of their benefits. You can find health care programs for things like long-term care, mental health, and even substance abuse treatment. Housing assistance and home loans are also available along with employment support and job training.

Reno Health Care for Veterans

Health care is perhaps an essential benefit for veterans returning from duty, but there are so many that don’t fully understand what their benefits cover or if they even have benefits. The VA says a veteran who doesn’t have a dishonorable discharge and active duty members can get health care benefits. The VA also includes members of the National Guard and the Reserves in health care benefits if they served when there was a federally ordered service period. Each veteran has a priority group, and that is how applications are processed.

The VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System is in Reno, and they offer many health services. Seniors can get primary care, in-home services, hospice care, geriatric psychiatry, chronic disease management, and access to the telehealth system. Caregivers can also use VA services such as support groups, respite care, or counseling if they care for a veteran.

Reno Housing for Veterans

Veterans also earn housing benefits. These benefits can include home loans, assistance with bills, homeless shelters, and tax exemptions. The Nevada Department of Veteran Services has a list of all the housing benefits veterans can use including:

Hardship assistance grants and programs such as housing vouchers that help veterans find rental properties in the Reno/Sparks area.

Home loan guaranty benefit from the VA which can help veterans purchase a home with a smaller down payment and a lower interest rate on a mortgage. There are also loans to modify houses for those with disabilities or repair older homes.

HUD also does home repairs for veterans in Nevada through various statewide programs.

Disabled veterans might be eligible for either a Specially Adapted Housing Grant or the Special Housing Adaptation Grant.

Veterans also get a tax exemption from property taxes if they meet the criteria.

Homeless veterans can find assistance through the HUD-VASH program in Nevada. The HUD helps provide supportive services to the homeless to help them find jobs and stability while also placing them in transitional and permanent housing.

Other Veteran Resources in Reno

Veterans Guest House is a local program in the Reno-Sparks area that provides temporary housing for veterans and their families that need to get medical care in the area.

Veterans Resource Centers of America has a location in Reno. They offer programs and supportive services to low or extremely low-income veterans in the area. They can provide temporary rental assistance, payments for utility bills, and security deposits.

The University of Nevada, Reno can help veterans that want to use their GI Bill to go back to school. They can help with finances, career assessments, and other support.

The Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation Employment Security Division can help veterans find a job. They offer education, training, and support to give veterans the best chance to obtain gainful employment.

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