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Reno Senior Living

Seniors living in Reno may find it difficult to select the best living option. Some choose to remain in their homes and receive regular care while others require a move to a structured facility. Either option proves suitable as long as it meets proper care needs for the older person in question. Take a look at this guide to see some of your choices in the city.

Price of Senior Living in Reno

Elderly living costs vary significantly in Reno. Some remain on par with the rest of the United States while others appear lower and even higher. When it comes to homemaker services, Reno residents can expect higher costs than the remainder of the U.S. Other cities pay $20 per hour while Reno residents spend $22. A similar theme applies for home health aides.

The cost of adult day care remains in line with other locations. Most people can expect to pay $69 per day, no matter where they live. Reno falls much higher on the scale for nursing home rooms. While others are paying $220 per day, seniors from Reno are spending $251. The price is even more drastic for private room options. Rates will only rise in the next few years, so be prepared for enhanced costs in all areas.

Senior Living Options in Reno

A variety of senior living options occupies Reno. In-home options such as homemaker services and home health aides create one category, while facility offerings like assisted living, independent living, and nursing homes create a second group. The choice varies between seniors based on the kinds of help they require or will require over the next several months or even years.

Home and Community Services

One primary community service option and two home options create the ideal atmosphere for seniors living at home. They get to receive the health care they need while remaining active and social.

Community Service Option - The community service option is adult day care. The Washoe County Daybreak Program provides care services to seniors in the Reno area. Caregivers may drop off their loved ones at the facility for one day out of the month, or every day of the week. It allows seniors to participate in activities, enjoy a healthy meal, and socialize with others.

Home Services - Home health aides and homemakers are two providers of home services in Reno. Both provide services directly within a person’s home, although each one focuses on separate aspects. Homemakers primarily handle shopping needs, meal management, cleaning, and bathing. Home health aides may assist with these chores when necessary but focus mainly on health care needs. They take the temperature and pulse of each resident they work with to ensure they remain in ideal health. They also administer medication as required to limit the chance of overdosing or missing doses.

Questions to Ask About In-Home Services

Various issues need addressing before settling on in-home services. Multiple options mean not every choice is the right one. Some may want to know about the complete list of services offered while others simply need to know if the company is insured and valid.

What services do you offer?

Do you provide various packages for different levels of service?

Are you licensed to provide care?

Do your employees receive adequate training?

Is transportation provided to and from appointments?

Assisted Living Communities in the Area

Assisted living communities fill the Reno area. Some offer advanced care while others allow seniors their privacy. Choosing the right one requires first discerning their differences.

Assisted Living Communities - Assisted living means living with assistance. Residents handle their care needs, yet have nurses nearby to provide additional help as required. Atria Summit Ridge is rated one of the best-assisted-living locations in Reno. Short-term stays and respite care are two choices offered through this facility.

Nursing Homes - Nursing homes provide far more care and assistance. The residents living in these homes often suffer from chronic conditions that need routine monitoring. The Rosewood Rehabilitation Center has nurses working round the clock to ensure each person receives the care they require.

Independent Options - Independent living options allow residents to have more independence. They get to have their own space and handle their personal needs, while still having access to a team of professionals when necessary.

Questions to Ask About Assisted Living

Before joining a new assisted living community, there are several important issues to address.

Do they offer a continuum of care?

Do they provide additional services other than what they initially include?

Do they allow outside services beyond what you provide?

Which activities do they offer?

Paying for Care

Paying for care in Reno means the senior in need of the care handles payments themselves. No other party takes responsibility for the costs unless a caregiver agrees to do so. Various options do provide assistance, such as insurance through the state for low-income citizens or home mortgages used to offset costs. Medicaid offers one insurance option that handles a part of the overall costs. Seniors must complete an application to see if they qualify for this choice.

Events in Reno

Many events create an inviting atmosphere in Reno. Seniors have plenty of opportunities to explore the area and experience the numerous activities and attractions provided by the city. The Nevada State Fair takes place in Reno. A jazz festival, barrel race, live music, games, and food are some of the main attractions.

In early May, the Comstock Arabian Horse Association holds a Spring Fiesta. Most of the event is free to the public. Go and enjoy the view of the majestic horses and watch some competitions. It takes place at the Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center.

Various volunteer opportunities allow seniors and other Reno locals to find something to keep themselves busy. Charity organizations, youth volunteer teams, and non-profits always look for new volunteers to fill slots. Volunteers get matched to opportunities that meet their interests to ensure they are engaged and interested in the activity.

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