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Reno Senior Centers

Seniors often find themselves stuck, wondering what comes next in life. Many struggle to find things to occupy their time. Reno offers senior centers for this reason. These places exist to provide activities and entertainment for retired adults in the city who need to join in on some fun. Classes, games, workouts, stage performances, and more get offered, so every senior has something to do.

Where to Play

The question of where to play is on many senior’s minds. Many want a safe space to go where they can just sit around the table with friends playing a game of cards. Senior centers often provide game times so older adults can get some recreation time in each day. They can play cards, board games, and any other game that gets offered, including Bingo. Adult Day Services through the Washoe County Senior Services Program allows elderly citizens to get together for a day of planned games and activities.

Where to Learn

The city of Reno focuses on senior-centered programs that help older adults find purpose. If you want to continue learning, there are opportunities throughout the city to do so. A ceramic workshop, crocheting class, and quilting club are just a few of the options available.

Where to Get Exercise

An Adult Day Program allows seniors in need of direction to take part in exercise classes and routines. Some activity may include the therapy required for rehabilitation. Walking, practicing stairs with steppers, and other lightweight options get utilized. The planned recreation activities help keep people busy throughout the day as well.

Where to Take the Stage

The Sierra Arts Foundation puts on an Elder Care Concert Series. The artists travel to nursing homes and other locations to put on performances for those who would otherwise not be able to attend a concert. If you do have the ability to take the stage and want to join in, you can discuss that possibility with the group. You can also look into classes in the area, as well as performance groups, that will allow you to explore this area and see where it takes you.

Where to Meet New People

Your local senior center may have meetup groups available during particular times of the week. Ask and see what offerings take place. Otherwise, you can look into meetups in the area online. Multiple groups exist, allowing people to get together and make some new friends. Some of the senior meetups include Socially Active Single Seniors, Senior Women’s Afternoon Cards and Games, and Singles Over 60.

Where to Travel

Countless seniors enjoy traveling, but often fail to go because they do not want to spend the time alone. It proves much safer to travel in at least pairs, and better yet groups. There are senior travel group options available in Reno that allow you to take a trip to a new location. Sparks Travel Club has adventures scheduled for at least a year in advance. Look at their options and see if any excite you.

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