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Reno Respite Care and Adult Day Care

A professional, licensed facility is often the best solution for seniors while their caregivers are away. This option allows the elderly to receive the care they need in a safe location. It also ensures their dietary needs get met, and they can receive social interaction with others. The Reno area has plenty of respite care and adult day care options available.

What Can You Expect From Respite Care Programs and Adult Day Care?

There are many things you can expect from respite care programs and adult day care. First, realize that meals will get provided. Nutrition options are the only choices available, ensuring all seniors receive adequate food options while they are in the program. Snacks also get included.

A health and wellness program is typically at the center of everything. Exercises, blood pressure monitoring, and medication administration are all included in this program. The staff is trained to monitor health needs and provide medical attention when appropriate.

A medical assessment typically gets completed at the end of each day. If there are any mishaps, those will get reported to the caregiver. Vital signs may get checked so that those numbers can get reported as well. This type of reporting allows caregivers to see how well their loved one is doing each day they are not with them.

Who Offers Adult Day Care in the Reno Area?

Plenty of providers are available in the Reno area to provide adult day care services. It is just a matter of finding the right fit for you and your loved one. The Washoe County Daybreak Program is one possibility. They offer health support, assistance, daily supervision, blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring, and activities tailored to seniors to get the necessary social interaction they need.

More to Life Adult Day Health Center is another option, although it is in Sparks. The secured facility is a safe place for even those suffering from memory issues to go to each day. It is wheelchair accessible as well. Meals at the establishment are designed by a nutritionist to ensure all seniors attending will receive a healthy choice. Juice and water also get served throughout the day.

Who Pays for Adult Day Care, and How Much Does it Cost?

Adult day care can run as low as $10 per day if you find a small, local facility that offers services for just a few hours a day. A large facility that offers activities, meals, transportation, and more on a full day’s schedule could result in payments of $242 per day. Those on a budget should stick to searching for the lower priced places that will not be as costly.

A facility with far more amenities may be a possibility if you have to receive help in paying for the services. Medicaid, which gets funded federally, may be willing to pay a portion of the costs, especially for a location that employs nurses to manage medication and watch over the health of each participant. This option would cost less for you, while still allowing your loved one to receive all the benefits an adult day care could offer.

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