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Reno Funeral Homes

Countless funeral homes exist in Reno, many of which are for-profit businesses looking to make money off your grief. That is the reason why you never want to go into one of these places alone, or without some pre-planning already completed. Know your rights as a consumer and understand your idea of the best funeral home to use. Having a budget and some services in mind will help you narrow down your selections quickly without fear of the director trying to guilt you into picking an alternative, more expensive option.

Your Rights in a Funeral Home

The Federal Trade Commission has set forth the following rights for consumers looking to plan a funeral with the help of a funeral home:

You may purchase separate goods and services without choosing a package deal.

You can obtain price information over the phone.

You should receive a written price list for all goods and services.

You may see a written price list of casket choices before viewing options.

You may see a written price list of outer burial containers.

You will receive a written statement of your choices before you pay.

You will get an explanation of any cemetery or crematory requirements.

You can use an alternative container for cremation besides a casket.

You can purchase an urn or casket elsewhere and use it at the funeral home of your choice.

You may skip embalming if you desire.

Your Idea of the Right Funeral Home

Just as you need to settle on the ideal services, you also need to select the best funeral home for your needs. The right place will not be the same for everyone, as it is based on your personal criteria. Do you want a friendly director who is kind and courteous? Are you more worried about the price? Perhaps you want a place that comes recommended by a friend. All aspects need to get factored into the final decision.

Aside from asking family and friends for advice, you can also look online at previous customer reviews. Doing so will help you discover which locations are well-liked and which have not been very popular among the crowds. You can also look at the Better Business Bureau website to see which funeral homes have received high grades and which are poorly ranked.

Your Funeral Budget

What you want to spend and what you can afford to spend are often two very different things. You cannot begin planning a funeral without a budget in mind or else you will start to over plan and overpay for things you do not necessarily need. Figuring out a set amount will help you stick to those services that are most desired and not go overboard on items that are unnecessary. You need to take a realistic look at your finances and see what options you have that fit within your means. It is also best to search around for the right home and services offered for this exact reason. You can find an affordable place that still meets your most pressing needs.

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