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Reno Estate Sales

When a loved one dies or moves to a nursing home, it can be an emotional time. Not only do you have to deal with the emotion of their loss or transition, but you might also have to handle their affairs, which could include sorting through all their possessions. It’s a time-consuming process to decide what you want to keep and what needs to be donated or sold. Add multiple opinions from other family members, and you could have a stressful situation.

You also might have a lot to sift through. The average US home has around 300,000 things according to a report by the LA Times in 2014. If your relative was a collector or liked to hang on to things in case they needed it, that number could be even larger. If you want professional help, consider using an estate sale company. Once you know what you want to keep, they will handle the rest.

Estate Sales

What happens during an estate sale? There are a lot of moving parts, and a professional with an estate sale company makes everything easier. They work to get you the most money for your items, and everything starts with a walk-through. During this part, a certified appraiser will go through the house and price items based on their worth and what they expect the local market to be. You can see more of this process on Great Estate Liquidators.

Once the items are priced, it’s time to get ready for the day of the sale. You will remove the items you want to keep, and the company will come into stage everything. You can see pictures of this process on Costa Estate Solutions. They will clean the house and arrange the items for sale in appealing displays. They will also handle marketing and advertising for the sale, so there is interest in the sale.

The day of the sale might be a little busy, but there will be employees there to handle everything. They will accept payments, complete transactions, talk with customers, and answer questions. They will also run any planned auctions and provide security. You can choose to stay at the house during the sale or leave if you would prefer.

When the sale is over, the company will help you decide what to do with any items that didn’t sell. They often partner with local charities, and you can donate your things. There will be a meeting with the executor of the will to go over the sale and then you will get a check for your portion of the sale. You can expect this part of the sale to take a few days.

Costs of Estate Sale Companies

Walk-throughs or consultations could have an hourly charge or some companies decide to offer this part for free. They will also take a portion of the sales which is usually around 35%. You could also have fees added for cleaning a particularly messy house or selling a sizeable number of items. You can look at a more detailed list of charges from TLC Estate Services.

Finding A Reno Estate Sale Company

Your friends and neighbors could offer suggestions, and local attorneys might have referrals. You could look at online reviews, but be sure to pay attention and only read reviews from clients and not shoppers. The BBB of Northern Nevada only lists one business in Reno, but there are more options. If you choose a company certified by the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers, you should be set. Finally, sign a contract and carefully go over all services and fees before anything starts.

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