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Reno Assisted Living

Switching from one home to another is never easy. It takes a while for people to get used to their new surroundings, whether they move to a new house or to a senior living community that offers the assistance they need. Look into all possibilities in Reno before settling on a decision. There are costs to consider, payment options to weigh, and amenities to think about that not every facility provides. You want to find a location that meets all your desires and needs and makes you feel at ease.

Reno Assisted Living and the Associated Costs

The entire state of Nevada sees more affordable assisted living costs than the average state in the U.S. Reno falls between its state and U.S. averages, with a monthly price of $3,494. The price is $106 less than the United States median amount, but $256 more than other Nevada locations. With numerous assisted living options around, though, you can be sure to find a place you can afford. The prices vary between facilities as well.

A Best of 2017 winner, Atria Summit Ridge can cost nearly $4,000 per month. The price isn’t too far off from the city’s average, making it an ideal choice. It is affordable yet has all the qualities of an award-winning facility. Brookdale Northwest Reno is another top choice, but the price does fall on the higher end at more than $4,000 per month. With personalized living space, a common area, numerous amenities, and daily activities, the cost is well worth it though. Do yourself a favor and look at what each facility has to offer before taking it off the list altogether just based on price. It may be a bit out of your range, but you could find the ideal location that meets all your desires.

What to Expect While You Live in an Assisted Living Facility

The first thing you should expect is to have nurses on site 24/7. There is always someone available to assist you when you need it. You can also expect to complete daily activities with your peers. You may have time to watch a movie, or you could spend an hour taking a cooking lesson. Some activities get offered every week while others change depending on the season and the instructor available.

Many assisted living locations offer therapy options. You can use the exercise room to regain some control of your legs and improve the way you walk. You may increase your stamina and strength by using the stairs and other equipment available.

When it comes to mealtimes, expect to eat with everyone else. You do have the option of eating alone in your room, but it is highly encouraged that you enjoy your food in the mess hall with all other residents. The restaurant-like atmosphere is appealing to many people because you feel like you’re out in the real world and not cooped up in a cafeteria.

Finding a Facility in Reno

You need to consider much more than the cost of assisted living. Think about the area where you want to live, whether that is somewhere close to your old home or just a place surrounded by woods and scenery. You can start by asking your relatives for information on places nearby. They may have friends who live at an assisted living facility in Reno, or in another city in the area. Ask your friends and neighbors for their advice as well.

Use the Internet for further inspiration. You can find websites where reviews have been uploaded indicating whether a facility is sub par or above expectations. Residents and family members often leave feedback on their favorite locations, as well as details regarding why they disliked a certain place so much. Check into as many as you can to see what others have had to say.

Work with a senior advisor if you want further assistance. They are available to advise seniors on the best living communities in the area. They can also help find support groups and other necessary information that is related to older adults. Most are free from the state, so you do not have to worry about paying for their services.

Paying for Reno Assisted Living Expenses

The high cost of living associated with an assisted living community makes some seniors feel like the option isn’t feasible. It is hard to see how they pay such hefty prices to stay in a room. Many fail to realize that the expenses do not just include a room. They also cover meals, laundry service, nursing care, and access to amenities and activities. Look into some payment options, and you may be able to handle it.

Choosing Your Insurance Provider

There are three main types of insurance you can choose. The first is Medicaid, a state-funded option in Nevada. Reno residents with little to no income can apply for this choice and have limited costs to pay. Medicare is the second option, used primarily by older adults. It is another state-funded choice. You can then look into a private agency. There are long-term care policies available that will help cover your assisted living costs.

Applying for Veteran’s Aid

Anyone who served their country and is now a veteran can receive benefits. You just have to apply. The application process can take months, but it helps if you work closely with someone who knows the ins and outs of the system. Visit your local VA, such as the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System, and get the assistance you need. You can find someone to help you fill out forms and get the process started quickly.

There are plenty of award-winning assisted living facilities in Nevada. Look at SeniorAdvisor to find choices in Reno and the surrounding areas. After considering the costs, payment methods, and amenities for each place, you can be sure you are choosing the best fit at the right price. If you need more time to decide, do not settle. Take your time and look into all options in the city. You want to be sure you feel comfortable with your decision.

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