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Reno 55+ Communities

One of the best parts of growing older is having more time to do the things you love. You’ve left the daily grind of commuting and working with you, the children are grown up and have moved out, and your time is all your own.

Once you’ve been liberated from decades of work and family commitments, do you honestly want to spend your newfound free time doing home maintenance and household chores?

Reno has a plethora of awesome 55+ communities where seniors can enjoy time and effort saving services like housekeeping and meal preparation. Many senior residence communities will offer fun amenities such as Olympic pools, fitness facilities, interesting classes, and fun day-trips.

Reno is home to a fabulous selection of senior living communities like the Atria Summit Ridge and Brookdale Northwest Reno, where seniors can enjoy the Reno lifestyle without worrying about daily chores or keeping the central air-conditioning working.

The Cost of Reno 55+ Living

The median monthly rent nationally, for a one-bedroom apartment in an assisted living community is $3,500, according to the Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey. The same accommodation in Reno will average about $3,315, making Reno both a beautiful and affordable place to find the right 55+ community for you.

Of course, many factors go into the monthly cost of a senior living facility. Certain locations, amenities, and apartments will cost considerably higher than the average. Conversely, you can save a lot of money by choosing a 55+ apartment complex that offers a more basic level of service and is located farther from downtown and medical facilities.

Ultimately, you have the most control over what 55+ community living will cost you. Decide how much care you want or need and the budget you have to work with to make the right decision.

Paying for the Cost of a Reno 55+ Community

The truth of the matter is that seniors are on their own when it comes to paying for an apartment in an independent or assisted living community. Medicaid has no provision to cover the cost of senior community residence for able-bodied seniors.

Long-term care insurance is not intended to cover your senior residence costs either and will usually only be activated once you’ve lost the ability to live independently due to age or medical condition. Veterans won’t be able to count on any VA program to provide assistance either. What to do?

While many seniors have sufficient assets and retirement income to cover the cost of senior community accommodations for the balance of their lives, people in less fortunate circumstances still have options.

Your most valuable asset is usually the family home. Selling your home can bring in a lump sum sufficient to pay for many years of 55+ community living. If you’d rather keep your home and pass it on to your family, consider becoming a landlord.

By renting your home, you might realize enough money to pay a considerable percentage of the monthly cost of a senior apartment and use other sources of income like social security or a pension to cover the rest.

Things You Want to Consider

Everyone is different, and the senior community that’s perfect for one person might be wrong for you. You should start thinking about what you want or need to make life satisfying for you in your new home.

If you need to be near your family for the best quality of life, you’ll want to look for the nearest and most easily accessible senior communities to where they live. Adventurous retirees could be happy to have a place to keep their things safe while they travel from place to place.

If you want to be in the heart of everything Reno has to offer, then look at the options in senior living available near downtown.

Consider the various levels of service each community offers as well. Some communities offer all the amenities of country club living while others are more like conventional residential communities and provide only a modicum of service.

Once you’ve determined what’s important to senior residential living, you can begin your search.

The Essential Services in Reno

One of the first things you need to find out about a prospective retirement community is exactly what is included in the rent.

Every community is different in its own way, but some of the services and amenities that can be included with your monthly payment are:

Basic utilities like electric, heat, internet, and cable or satellite TV service

A community pool and/or fitness facility

Various classes and entertainment

Day trips and excursions

Just about every community provides a chef prepared selection of meals every day served by trained food service staff. Make sure that the quality, quantity, and selection are to your liking before making a decision.

Ask about on-site security and parking availability for visitors and your private vehicle. If you own a pet, ask if you need to pay a pet deposit.

Reno 55+ Extras

Life is all about enjoying the “extras.” Discover what special amenities or services your prospective community offers its residents. There are fun amenities like game rooms, movie theaters and grooming services that various communities will offer.

Reno Neighborhoods

Reno is a popular tourist destination that can experience traffic congestion and crowding during the busy season; carefully consider how your daily life will be at certain times of the year as you try to get around. If you’d prefer to use mass transportation or be within walking distance of the destinations most important to you, this will affect your neighborhood choices as well.

Planning for What Comes Next

While independent living is the right choice for many Reno seniors, you need to consider how your condition will change with time. If you would like to find someplace to settle in without the worry of moving again, you may consider communities that offer a range of care that will cover your needs for the long haul like Five Star Premier Residences of Reno and Viewcrest Adult Living.

Find assisted living in Reno near you.