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Pet-Friendly Senior Living in Reno

Nevada is a favorite spot for seniors looking to enjoy new experiences. Nevada’s amazing natural wonders and the amazing glory of places like Reno attract retirees from all over.

Retirees who choose Reno as the place to settle in for their retirement years will be happy to know that this city is truly pet-friendly. There are restaurants, assisted living facilities, and parks where you and your pets are welcome.

Keep on reading to find out what Reno and Nevada have to offer seniors and their pet companions.

Reno Senior Living and Your Pet Companion

Moving into an assisted living or retirement facility doesn’t have to mean you must rehome your dog or cat. Here are some examples of great elder communities in Nevada that will accommodate you and your pet friend.

Atria Sutton Reno

Atria Sutton in Reno will happily discuss arranging for your pet when you live there. Atria Sutton is a great community with some awesome amenities. You’ll love the spacious and wonderfully appointed public areas, a nice reading room, and an enjoyable theater place with an old-fashioned, movie theater popcorn machine!

Atria Sunlake is another glorious assisted living facility that will be accommodating to pet owning retirees who want to reside there. The grounds are fun to walk through. There are attractive and comfortable gazebos with tables. The area has lovely paved paths to wander. The public areas and rooms are airy and bright.

Pet-Friendly Reno Dog Parks

Getting out and around is vital for you and your dog’s health. Reno provides many places where you can both have fun in the outdoors.

Desert Breeze Dog Park is a Reno, off-leash dog-park that accommodates both smaller and larger dogs in separate areas. The owners of small dogs won’t have to worry about their small sized doggy getting in over his head with an oversized playmate. You’ll love the tables, benches, and chairs where you can relax while your canine gets his exercise for the day.

Kellogg-Zaher Sports Complex Dog Park is another convenient dog-safe park in Reno where there are 2 separate closed-in areas for small or large dogs to play safely. The area reserved for the larger canines is really spacious.

Pet Accommodating Restaurants in Reno

Retiring means lots of free time to get out and enjoy what your locality has to offer. In Reno, you don’t need to leave your dog behind. There are a wide variety of dog-friendly places to enjoy. Bring your canine with you to these great restaurants.

The Madhouse Coffee is a fun café where you’ll find a delicious cup of coffee and some unique pastries to eat in the company of your dog. The comfy, outdoor area is reserved for customers and their dog companion to enjoy a relaxing meal.

Sammy’s L.A. Pastrami and Burgers is completely dog-friendly. Water and snacks are provided for all of their canine customers. Bring your dog to Sammy’s and eat a great meal with your canine companion.

Reno loves pets! Look around and find lots of wonderful places to bring your pet on a day out.

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