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Medicare in Reno

Seniors who are worried about the ever-rising health care costs might want to consider using Medicare.  Over 70,000 residents in Washoe County use this health care plan, and most of them are seniors. If you’re looking for information about Medicare for you or a loved one or need to find a provider and services, you can use resources online and locally to assist you.

What Medicare Covers

Medicare is a health care program funded by the federal government, and it’s open to seniors 65 and older.  There are other certain individuals with disabilities that might qualify for benefits as well.  Medicare comes in four parts to cover most health needs.

Part A takes care of stays at a nursing home or the hospital in addition to hospice care and some home health care needs.

Part B takes care of going to the doctor, services to prevent disease or chronic conditions, needed medical supplies, and outpatient care.

Part C is called the Medicare Advantage Plan.  This part gives private insurance companies the chance to cover services in Part A and B, and then they can offer prescription coverage.

Part D allows Original Medicare recipients to add-on prescription coverage.

Washoe County Medicare Usage Facts

49,026 Medicare users in Washoe County have fee-for-service plans, and 22.592 have the Medicare Advantage Plan.

Washoe County has a lower per capita price than national costs at $8,036 to $9,501.

The county pays the most per Medicare user on durable medical equipment, hospice care, and long-term care hospitals.  

Medicare users in Washoe have higher rates of hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, and Autism Spectrum Disorder compared to national averages.

The average age of beneficiaries in the county is 70.

Medicare Offices for Reno

The Center for Medicare separates the country's different regions, and each region has an office that can assist with Medicare needs.  Nevada is a part of Region 9, and the office is in San Francisco.  Because the regional office is far, you can visit the local Social Security office for quicker in-person help.  You can apply for benefits, get a new card, or make an insurance appeal here.

Reno Social Security Office

1170 Harvard Way

Reno, NV 89502

(888) 808-5481

The office is across the street from the main Reno Post Office, and you can get there via the 19 or 9 bus line.  They are open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm with shortened hours on Wednesdays.  

Medicare Services and Providers in Reno

You can easily find doctors that accept Medicare in Reno with the Physician Compare tool.  All you do is enter your location and enter the type of doctor you need, and you can see which is closest.  A search for geriatric medicine came back with at least 14 physicians and groups within 15 miles of Reno.  You can widen your search to other specialties or look only for physicians that use fee-for-service rates.

Along with finding doctors and groups, you can learn more information about each entry.  Click on the name, and you can find out the location of their office, the hospital privileges they have, and what board certifications they have.  You can also see the other doctors in the practice and learn their specialties.  

The Nursing Home Compare tool is similar but allows you to search for facilities in Reno.  Within 25 miles of the city, there are 13 nursing homes.  Each entry shows you the homes overall rating along with health inspections and quality measures. You can do the same thing for rehabilitation services, dialysis centers, and home healthcare with these other search tools.  

Find assisted living in Reno near you.