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Medicaid in Reno

Reno is a city known worldwide as the home of some of the best that Nevada has to offer, but Reno also provides top-notch Medicaid coverage for those state residents who may not otherwise access critical and routine medical care and prescription medicine.

Nevada Medicaid is a way to keep the most vulnerable of Nevada residents from falling between the cracks when it comes to accessing the expert care that they need to stay healthy. Nevada Medicaid will provide coverage for eligible seniors aged 65 and many other Nevada residents who find the cost of medical care financially overwhelming.

If you think that Medicaid can help you in your present circumstances or that you will soon need the help that Medicaid offers, continue reading and learn:

Who is eligible to apply for Nevada Medicaid benefits

What services Medicaid covers

How to start your Nevada Medicaid application

Qualifying for Medicaid in Reno

There are many people who are eligible to apply for Medicaid program benefits in Nevada:

You may apply for Medicaid benefits if you’re aged 65 years or older

Individuals who will be disabled for at least one year are eligible to apply for benefits

Patients who will require at least 30 days of continuous care are encouraged to apply for Medicaid

Low-income individuals and their families are able to apply for Medicaid benefits

Pregnant women who have no insurance coverage and fulfill other requirements can use Medicaid benefits to get pre and post-natal care

Minor children who have no insurance coverage and meet certain eligibility criteria are eligible to apply for benefits

Any Nevada state residents who want to apply for Medicaid need to go to the Nevada Medicaid website and begin the process by filling out the online application at the Access Nevada website.

Assistance with Your Reno Medicaid Application

If you encounter any difficulties while using the Access Nevada online application for Medicaid benefits, you can get help by calling the customer service center at (877) 638-3472.

For speech or hearing impaired Nevadans, you can call 211 for the assistance you need. For applicants who lack a computer or internet access, there are many local offices where staff can assist you in filling out a paper application and will guide you through the application process.

What Does Reno Medicaid Cover?

Nevada Medicaid will cover comprehensive medical care for a wide range of treatments, surgeries, rehabilitation, and prescription drugs.

Seniors using the program will have access to trained geriatric physicians who will ensure that their golden years are as healthy and pain-free as possible.

Transportation to Reno Medical Appointments

Many Medicaid recipients are financially strapped and unable to pay for round-trip transportation to pre-scheduled medical appointments. Nevada Medicaid provides for this situation by paying private transportation companies to provide free travel for Medicaid beneficiaries.

Plan members may also use personal vehicles or other transportation options and receive reimbursement for the costs incurred.

Visit the non-emergency medical transportation website to learn more about available options.

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