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LGBT Senior Services in Reno

Seniors represent a broad swathe of the diversity of ideas and lifestyles of the American population. Reno, Nevada seniors are no different. The fun, sun, and open spaces of Reno naturally attract people who think independently and love going their own way.

The gay senior community in Reno has access to a broad range of services and Pride dedicated organizations that seek to make living as a queer senior in Nevada more interesting, convenient, and even enjoyable.

Continue reading to find out more about the LGBT dedicated services that make Nevada one of the best states in America to grow older, age in place or just enjoy the gay senior lifestyle.

The Lambda Business Association

The Lambda Business Association, as the name implies, is the business assistance association that has set itself up to help gay and lesbian seniors in Reno, Nevada.

They provide business advice, consultations, and help to access loan programs specifically set aside to help the vibrant community of gay seniors to succeed in business.

The Lambda Business Association will give you a place to meet with other members of the gay community in Reno, and in Nevada as a whole – opening brilliant chances to grow your network. Staying in business is hard enough for everybody; The Lambda Business Association is dedicated to providing business help and marketing advice for a particularly vulnerable community.

New Horizons Nevada

New Horizons Nevada provides gay support services in support of the senior GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) community in Nevada. New Horizons Nevada acts in partnership with its LGBT senior and minority constituents and other critical allies.

New Horizons Nevada is working as hard as they can to offer a high quality of life and socializing for LGBT senior age adults, and also to promote a very positive image of the gay lifestyle that seniors may enjoy in later years.

New Horizons Nevada is developing an affordable housing community for the senior gay and transgender community. If you would like to relocate or spend your retirement in Reno, or anywhere else in Nevada, please get in touch with New Horizons Nevada to learn about all the resources you have at your disposal as a gay senior in the Southwest.

The Center in Reno, Nevada

The Center in Reno, Nevada is a community-based organization that exists to support the LGBT community in Reno. The Center supports and promotes activities intended to further the health, positive view, and gay senior rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community in Nevada. The Center also tries their best to assist low to moderate income residents in Southern Nevada.

Reno LGBT seniors will always find a warm welcome and dozens of helpful voices that want to help them get the most out of gay living in Reno.

Give The Center a visit if you’re visiting Reno and enjoy the best welcome that Southwest hospitality has to offer LGBT seniors in this great, welcoming state.

Lots to Take Advantage Of

There are a plethora of resources that are intended to help Nevada’s gay seniors, search around and see what you find!

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