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How to Get Around Reno Without Driving

Reno is a major city in Nevada, offering many historical sights to see. If you do not have a vehicle, you may find it difficult to make your way around the town to visit all of the cultural landmarks. Several methods of transportation are available in the city to help you get between each location. It is just a matter of finding the best option for you.

RTC Washoe

When looking for public transportation, you should start with the city’s bus system. Reno offers RTC Washoe. You can pay a small fare and get a ride to and from most destinations within the town. Look online to see when the next bus is arriving nearby, or view the maps and schedules to see for yourself where you should be waiting.

A special fare program exists for seniors. You can show a photo ID or Medicare card to gain access to this service. People who meet the age requirement of at least 65 years old can use the program as needed. Monthly passes are the most commonly purchased option for elders who require the use of the bus system regularly to get around town for errands and shopping.

Taxi Service

Several cab options exist in Reno, including Whittlesea Checker Taxi, a company that offers white vans for transport. You can call (775) 322-2222 to request a ride immediately or schedule a service for a later date.

Other taxi services include Reno Sparks Cab Co. Call for services at (775) 333-3333 or visit their website for reliable transportation. It is best to make an advanced reservation to ensure a ride, but you can also call at the time the service is needed and see if anyone is available to drive you.

Senior Transportation Assistance

Shopping for food and making it to medical appointments can prove difficult for older adults who do not drive. That is why Washoe County Senior Services offers transportation assistance to people in need. You should call them at 775.328.2575 or visit the building at 1155 E 9th St. They stay open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Home health services also offer transportation at times. If you use a service like BrightStar Care, you can get transported in either your vehicle or your aide’s. He or she will bring you to see family, get groceries, a doctor appointment, or anywhere else in town you want to go.

Locating Reno Transport Options Throughout the City

Reach out to the Nevada Department of Transportation at 775-888-7000 to discuss alternative solutions. A representative will disclose all possible options in the city that will provide transportation to your destination. You can stop by the office at 1263 South Stewart Street in Carson City if you wish to speak with someone in person. They may have a list of services they can provide to you when you arrive.

The Reno/Tahoe website also discloses details on public transportation and other methods of getting through the city. Use their details and contact information to find the best ride for you and schedule it today. You can even request a free Reno bus route book directly from the website.

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