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How Much Does Reno In-Home Care Cost?

Nevada State Department of Health licenses and regulates all in-home care.

You can review home health agency licenses and survey results on the Department of Health’s website.

There are state programs to assist low-income seniors so they can afford to age at home.

More than 814,000 Americans worked as home health aides in 2016. There were 1,430 home health aides in Nevada.

The average salary for home health aides was $28,840 in Nevada.

Homemaking Services and Costs in Reno

In Reno, the average daily cost of homemaking services was $139 daily a day in 2016. If you use this rate, this averages around $4,200 monthly or $51,000 annually.

Now that you know the average costs, you may be wondering about the service. Homemaking service providers help seniors with household tasks and chores that may become cumbersome with age such as cooking, grocery shopping, transportation, and light cleaning. You can find other services that may offer:

Assistance with getting dressed and with personal hygiene

Activities such as games, writing letters, or conversations to engage the mind

Reminders to take medications and prescriptions

Safety checks to prevent hazards

Houseplant watering

Pet care, including feeding and walking

Home Health Aide Cost and Services

Home health aide services average the same as homemaker services in Reno. The average rate in 2016 for home health aides was also $139 a day. You can save significantly by choosing home care over nursing home care. The average daily rates for nursing home care in Reno was $262 for a semi-private room and $301 for a private room, which means you could save $45,000 - $59,000 a year.

Respite care provides care when your typical caregiver is unavailable or needs a break, whether you need coverage for hours, weeks, or even months. Since this care is temporary, you can have a trial period for new agencies or caregivers to see if you would like to use them in the future.

Part-time care is regularly scheduled care that is either a few days weekly or a couple of hours daily. This care helps with household essentials such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and errands.  Seniors enjoy the companionship while family members get updates on their loved one.

Full-time care is a 40-hour week.  This care is necessary while family members are at work or to cover overnight hours to eliminate falls or dispense nightly medication.

Live-in care is similar to nursing home care but in the senior’s home.  This care is continuous and provides constant monitoring.  Typically, multiple caregivers will split the day and night hours.

How to Select an In-Home Care Provider

First, you will need to decide if you want to work with an agency or hire a caregiver yourself. When you hire an agency, there are a few benefits. The agency will handle all the taxes, insurance, licensing, and payroll, which can be tiring and confusing if you are not familiar with the process.  Agencies also have multiple caregivers that can cover schedule changes.

If you have a friend or relative to care for your loved one, you may want to hire them yourself. The biggest benefit of hiring directly is you get the person you want.  Remember, you are the employer, so you are responsible for taxes, Social Security withdrawals, payroll, licensing, and insurance.

Payment Options

If you have a long-term care policy, it should pay for your home care expenses, but you may need your doctor to provide verification that these services are necessary for your current medical condition. Low-income seniors that may have trouble paying for home care could qualify for Nevada’s Medicaid services.

Wartime veterans and their widows may be entitled to the VA Aid & Attendance pension, which would pay for health care expenses. If you hired a family member for care, some benefits and insurance policies will pay for his or her services just as they would with any other qualified caregiver.

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