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How Much Do Reno Nursing Homes Cost?

It will never be said that nursing home care is an affordable luxury. Nursing home care is always a necessity for the seniors who need to move into a nursing care facility. Affordability, on the other hand, is a relative term. Affordable compared to what? The mortgage on a small mansion can be more reasonable than the cost of nursing home care in Reno.

Nursing home care provides Reno seniors with the help and geriatric medical care that they need due to illness, injury, or advanced old age. Unlike residents of assisted living facilities, the residents of nursing homes have lost the ability to live independently and need medical care and help with daily activities to be available at all times.

Specialized care, like the care seniors receive in Reno nursing homes, requires a costly collection of specially trained staff and medical equipment on-site that is most visibly noticed in the monthly rent of a nursing home room.

Continue reading to learn more about the cost of nursing homes in Reno, what services you can expect as a nursing home resident, what extras may be offered to make your stay more enjoyable, and how you might manage to pay for the care you need.

Facts about Reno Nursing Homes

The average monthly cost of a private nursing home room in Reno is an extremely expensive $9,155 per month on average while a semi-private room will cost you an eye-watering $7,969 monthly.

Not quite 10% of seniors aged 85 years and older live in a nursing facility, and female seniors make up almost two-thirds of nursing home residents.

Close to 1.5 million people over the age of 65 are living in a nursing home facility as of 2014.

An impressive 3% of the U.S. population aged 65 years and older reside in nursing home facilities.

Nursing Home Rates in Reno

There is no getting around the fact that nursing home care in Reno is high priced enough to cause a nosebleed. The median cost of a private room is somewhere north of $7,000, but the median cost of a private room in a Reno nursing home is uncomfortably close to $10,000 per month!

A shared room is priced slightly more reasonably at a little less than $8,000 per month on average. Fortunately, these prices are the averages, so it’s possible to find facilities that are considerably less expensive (as well as considerably more) by looking around.

The important thing is to decide exactly what type of care you absolutely do need, and what amenities and services you can do without. Every nursing home in and around Reno offers it’s own unique take on nursing home living. By shopping around, you can find the right combination of quality and affordability.

Nursing Home Services in Reno

Although every nursing home is somewhat different in their approach to dependent senior living and care, there are certain services that every state licensed facility has to provide.

Every nursing home in Reno will provide meals designed to fulfill the dietary requirements of the senior community. Meals will be prepared and served by trained and professional food service staff, and most locations will make provisions for seniors to take meals in a communal dining area or in their rooms.

Seniors with special dietary requirements such as diabetics, heart patients, people with celiac disease, or certain food allergies will be accommodated with specially prepared meals.

Professional nursing staff, with training in geriatric medicine, will be on-site and provide critical care services such as:

Wound care, cleaning, and disinfection – including changing dressings and applying doctor prescribed medications.

Addressing the risk of bedsores in bedridden seniors by regularly shifting their position and using bedsore prevention appliances to mitigate the skin stress from constant contact with bedding.

Checking vital signs like blood pressure, temperature, body weight, and blood sugar levels.

Assisting the physician with diagnostic tests such as taking blood, checking heart function, and lung health.

Seniors with memory disease will be provided the specialty care that their condition requires and specially designed surroundings to prevent emotional disturbances from unfamiliar surroundings.

Nursing Home Extras in Reno

Many nursing homes will provide extra services and amenities intended to make life in the care facility as interesting and engaging as possible for residents. There may be areas such as movie theaters and fully stocked game rooms where seniors can pass many enjoyable hours with friends.

Occasionally, you’ll find nursing homes with enjoyable spa facilities to provide residents a relaxing and healthy place to relieve the aches and pains that are such a part of the aging process. There are many nursing homes that will offer fun diversions such as excursions and day trips to local points of interest, classes, and interesting seminars.

What to Look For in a Reno Nursing Home?

The nursing home you choose should be staffed by caring people who are concerned with your comfort and well-being. Make sure that the facility looks clean and well-maintained; if management cares about the little details, then they’ll take care of the big things just as well.

Take a look at the AARP website and print out the checklist of questions they have there, so you won’t forget to ask about the most important issues when you visit a prospective nursing facility.

Paying for Care in Reno

Medicaid is the best option for poor seniors without the assets to pay for the nursing home care that they need. Qualified U.S. veterans can check with the VA and see what VA benefits are available to take care of the cost of a nursing home.

Seniors who own a home can sell their property and use the proceeds to pay for the care that they need. There is also the option of renting their home out or getting a reverse mortgage to subsidize part or all of the cost of care.

Seniors who’ve looked ahead can enjoy the security that long-term care insurance provides. Long-term care insurance will cover the cost of care up to whatever the policy specifies.

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