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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Raleigh

The Golden Years are often a time to relax for a person who has worked their entire life. However, there are many seniors who enter into retirement with the hopes of fun and relaxation only to discover it is not what they had hoped for. In many cases, a senior will want to reenter the workforce to earn money and find something they enjoy doing during their days. The ability for an older worker to find employment at this stage of their life can be challenging, at the least. Not only is employment less available, the workforce is extremely competitive.

There is good news. There are a number of resources that the over 55 population in Raleigh can utilize to help them find the employment they want and need. There are also several different locations all throughout the area for the seniors to get the experience and help they need.

Resources for 50+ Employment Seekers

If you are a senior who is looking for opportunities and information about job opportunities, it may be beneficial to dial “211.” This phone number, which has been used for decades in the area, helps to connect seniors in the Raleigh community with professionals and various resources in the local community. These resources are a great starting point to find 55+ employment opportunities. When using this number, seniors can learn how they can connect with the Alliance for Information and Referral Systems, as well as the United Way, among other helpful departments.

Paid Employment Opportunities for Seniors

The SCSEP, Senior Community Service Employment Program is an organization that has been around since 1965. The program provides unemployed and low-income seniors with resources to job training and assistance. They offer part-time subsidized work experience for participants for a limited period of time through community service.

Seniors who are accepted into the program will learn new skills and new talents to help them enhance their existing skills or learn new skills with on-the-job training. This will help them acquire a competitive edge in the modern workforce. Also, while a senior is in this program, they will earn minimum wage and receive job matches that coincide with their goals, interests, and abilities.

Other Help and Resources for Seniors Seeking Jobs

There are quite a few opportunities for seniors in Raleigh who want to find work. For example, the Ticket to work program helps seniors acquire employment training while offering assistance work opportunities for individuals who receive Social Security, SSI benefits and who are over the age of 64.

Veterans can get helpful resources from We Hire Heroes. This website offers a Job Board for unemployed and retired veterans in the Raleigh area. This is a service that is well-established and helps veterans all across the nation find employment opportunities.

The Agency of Aging in North Carolina also offers resources for seniors. Here individuals will have the ability to get the information they require to get the job that they want.

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