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Raleigh Veterans Benefits

If you are a Raleigh area veteran, you may be entitled to benefits that you haven’t yet claimed. Local groups and organizations help veterans scattered throughout the city to access medical, services, housing programs, educational initiatives and more.

Health benefits for Raleigh veterans

Many Raleigh veterans rely on the health care services provided by the nearby Durham VA Medical Center. Those who served in the armed forces, the National Guard or the Reserves and who were separated under honorable conditions may apply for VA medical benefits. Eligibility for enrollment in the VA health system is determined by priority groups to ensure that the veterans most in need of medical care receive the comprehensive coverage that they require.

Veterans living in Raleigh can visit the local Raleigh VA Clinic for primary care and laboratory services, while the VA Medical Center in Durham offers more extensive care options. Occupational, physical and recreational therapy programs, along with mental health services, provide the support that veterans need to stay emotionally and physically fit as they transition to civilian life.

Housing programs for Raleigh veterans

If you are a veteran, you may be eligible for home loans and housing assistance through government programs. Federal VA loans allow veterans to purchase a house, condominium or other living space at a competitive interest rate or to refinance an existing loan. Disabled veterans are able to apply for grants in order to modify their house and make it more easily accessible. Certain individuals who suffer from service-related disabilities may also be exempt from paying property taxes.

Veterans who require long-term medical assistance can receive skilled care through one of North Carolina's four state veterans homes. The Fayetteville facility is located just an hour away from Raleigh and cares for up to 150 veterans at a time in both private and semi-private rooms. In addition to rehabilitative therapy and 24 hour nursing services, residents are able to enjoy on-site housekeeping, nutritious meals, and even a trip to the salon.

The VA Medical Foster Home Program also offers long-term care options for veterans in a more intimate home setting. Patients live under the supervision of a local caregiver who is able to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of injured or disabled veterans. This program offers a unique alternative to nursing care for those who are unable to live independently.

More benefits resources for Raleigh veterans

The North Carolina Department of Military and Veteran Affairs is dedicated towards improving the lives of veterans by guiding them through the VA claims process. The department’s NC4VETS initiative helps veterans to learn more about applying for VA benefits, while the Raleigh-Durham NCServes network coordinates the efforts of public, private and nonprofit organizations that serve veterans. North Carolina for Military Employment, or NC4ME, is a program that helps veterans across the state get back on their feet by helping job-seekers find gainful employment.

To learn more about local veterans benefits and services, visit the Wake County Veterans Service Office. You can speak with expert staff members to learn more about anything from scholarships to housing loans, or you can find assistance with the VA application and appeals processes.

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