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Raleigh Senior Movers and Downsizers

Some of today’s seniors lived through some extremely difficult times during the Great Depression and into the 1930’s and 1940’s. They learned first-hand what it meant to stretch a dollar. People during those days made their belongings last. Hanging on to things became a way of life—one that they carried with them into retirement, and even later years in life. Many of these folks just can’t seem to part with anything, even when they need to. Senior movers are trained to support the senior’s emotions, while professionally packing up an entire house.

What to Look for in Senior Movers

Many senior movers offer a free consultation where they explain their process of downsizing or moving. They also typically offer a free quote for services. Senior movers will have a good understanding of how to work with a senior that has Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Most senior movers will have a background in gerontology, social work, health care, nursing, or psychology. It’s a good idea to ask if workers have any special training in working with seniors. Workers should have a specific process for sorting, organizing and packing items, while being sensitive to the senior’s emotions and health needs.

Selling, Donating and Keeping for Seniors

It sounds easy enough to hold a massive estate sale and get rid of everything. To sell off a senior’s possessions all at once can be devastating for a senior. Worse, many of the items may be so old and outdated that there isn’t even a viable market for them anywhere. Senior movers are trained on how to find the balance between how much seniors should hang onto that is appropriate for the amount of living space that they have and letting go of things that have little or no value to them.

Senior Moving in Raleigh

Stewart Moving & Storage employs movers that work to make relocating seniors as stress-free as possible. The service will move seniors locally, long distance, or even internationally. Prices are guaranteed and affordable. Items that need to be shipped will be delivered the following day. The company also offers short and long-term storage options.

Little Guys Movers Raleigh has invested 20 years of educating themselves on how to make moving seniors less stressful. They take extra care in moving specialty items. Little Guys’ business is dedicated to senior citizens. Workers keep pace with packing and organizing while respecting the stress and emotional levels of their clients. Movers keep the atmosphere light and cheery throughout the process, always supporting the seniors during difficult transition periods.

Pro Movers LLC performs all types of moving, including senior moving. Pro Movers has the manpower and equipment to move fragile items, electronics, and heavy furniture with professional packing and moving training. These movers offer relocation services, planning assistance, and take care of everything from the smallest item to the largest pieces. Pro Movers feels that having an overall strategy for relocating seniors makes the experience less stressful for the entire family.

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