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Raleigh Senior Centers

The "City of Oaks" is a beautiful place and seniors love it for more reasons than the amazing Oaks that line the streets. Older people in Raleigh have the options of hanging out with friends over some games, learning a few skills, participating in singing and dance practice and performances, traveling, and even socializing.

Seniors Come Here To Play Games

An excellent way to spend quality time with a friend is over a game of chess, cards, monopoly, and other games. Seniors love the above and many other games, and they get to enjoy themselves playing in different places. The City of Raleigh's Parks and Recreations department has an Adult Program where seniors can engage in activities such as bowling, golf, tennis, and more. The North Carolina Senior Games is a great place for seniors to compete and win prizes.

How Seniors In Raleigh Keep Learning

The Triangle Art Works provides opportunities for seniors willing to learn everything they can about art and various crafts, and it proves to be a great way for them to spend their time improving on their creativity. Seniors willing to brush up their computer skills can visit Raleigh SeniorTechEd where they get friendly instructors who teach them everything at a pace that they can follow.

Best Place In Raleigh For Seniors To Keep Fit

Raleigh has many recreational centers where seniors can go to keep fit. The fitness program for a senior is far less intense when you compare it to younger adults, which makes it possible for seniors to have fun, as they keep fit. Seniors can choose recreational centers such as Healthtrax Raleigh or senior centers that offer fitness classes such as the Resources for seniors to help them get and stay fit.

Places Where Seniors Go To Take The Stage

Everyone has dreamed of ever being on stage and performing like the celebrities that we have today, a dream that should never die even if one is in their old age. Seniors have the opportunity to join senior dance groups or attend dance classes and eventually perform in front of an audience. Seniors who love to sing have numerous choirs in Raleigh to choose from, some of which include The Greyson Baptist Church senior choir where seniors only need to sign up.

Seniors Meeting New People

Seniors have numerous avenues through which they can make friends, with one of the most popular channels being senior Meetups. Raleigh has some senior Meetups, which bring seniors with common interests together, as well as those looking to find seniors willing to be in a relationship with them. Raleigh has many online websites where seniors can find other seniors looking for love, sites such as

Seniors Who Want To Travel The World

Travelling is a very exciting experience, and seniors love to travel as much as anyone else does out there. Seniors come together in groups and organize trips for themselves as travel clubs. Other seniors acquire the services of a tour organizer such as Leslie Pinckney, who arrange affordable tours to any part of the world.

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