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Raleigh Concierge Services

The word, concierge, has its roots in the French and Latin languages. It may have been derived from the Old French word, cumcerges, or the Medieval Latin word, consergius, or the Latin word, conservus. In all forms of past verbiage, the words are related to the meaning of some form of a person who performs tasks for others. Concierge services are typically provided in hospitality professions such as the travel and hotel industries. As our lives get busier, concierge services are becoming increasingly in demand for seniors who need a helping hand. Here are some of the premier concierge services in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Loblolly Concierge has a strong offering of personal and business concierge services that make working and living easier. Services include personal services such as grocery shopping, running errands, non-medical services, pre and post-operative services, house sitting, home management services, and relocation or transitional services.

Criado Concierge caters its services to busy professionals, stay at home mothers, and seniors who need a helping hand. The service provides courier services, mail and document services, pharmacy assistance, shoe repair, dry cleaning services, in-home management services, utility setup and coordination, repair technician waiting service, home improvement estimates, and help with landscaping and interior design. They also do personal shopping, grocery shopping, meal delivery, and provide personal chef services.

Perfect Balance takes away stress by managing tasks that take extra time in the day. The service provides personal assistants to manage home services, shopping, delivery, courier services, pet care, pet sitting, home management, vacation planning, meal delivery, running errands, light housekeeping, plant care, lawn care, laundry services, companionship, and meet most other senior’s needs.

Can Do! Concierge, Inc. makes life easier by offering help with groceries, personal shopping, gift shopping, pet sitting, house monitoring, home organization, office organization, repairmen waiting services, meal preparation, relocation assistance, non-medical assistance, party planning, holiday help, and special projects.

Another Daughter helps senior caregivers with arranging for non-medical services. These services include household support, completing paperwork, respite care, medication review, nutrition programs, investment services, elder law help, moving assistance, pet sitting, hair care, house cleaning, bookkeeping, and in-home aides. The service will also arrange for counselors, social workers, and therapists.

Upscale Cleaning & Concierge helps seniors keep their homes clean with services like routine cleaning, deep cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, cleaning for moving, and washing windows.

Capital Concierge On-Call, LLC is a multi-service concierge provider that helps with running errands, event planning, home management services, decorating assistance, elderly companionship services, holiday and special occasion decorating, cleaning, painting, and upholstery.

Lotus Therapy Center provides on-site therapy services as a convenience and also as a privacy measure for high-profile individuals. This therapeutic concierge service provides individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, life coaching, and hypnotherapy. Therapy services that are conducted in a private, comfortable setting are often more effective than done in a commercial setting.

Whether seniors need a bit of housecleaning, home maintenance, home repair, pet care, grocery shopping, or other errands, Raleigh offers services by industry and also by full-service concierge providers.

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