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Medicaid in Raleigh

As a senior ages, the cost of medical care, long-term care, and other medical related items can become significant. In fact, the average cost of adult care in Wake County costs more than $1800 per month in smaller family care homes and can reach well over $5000 per month in bigger assisted living settings. For skilled nursing homes, the cost can easily reach more than $6000 per month, which is a cost that is not sustainable for most seniors, or their families.

Medicaid is the state/federal program that offers health coverage for seniors who prove a financial need. Since Medicare is not going to cover much of these long-term care services, applying for Medicaid is something that many seniors in Raleigh should consider.

Eligibility requirements for being Medicaid approved in Raleigh

To be eligible for Medicaid, a senior has to meet the age and income requirements. Owning a home will not automatically disqualify a senior from receiving Medicaid for long-term care needs. Also, a couple who has one person who will stay at home while the other one lives in a facility will not have to spend all of their jointly held resources prior to qualifying. The rules related to Medicaid provide some protection of income and assets for the spouse who remains in the home.

Medicaid application and claim help

For seniors who are ready to fill out the forms to see if they qualify for Medicaid in Raleigh, there are several options to consider. One is to apply online. This can be done from the NC ePASS Online Application Site. This is an easy to use website that most people find simple and effective. For those who do not have a computer, there is also a Self-Service Center where a computer can be used.

For those who need assistance with the application process, they can visit the WCHS in Raleigh, or the Swinburne Building, Eastern Regional Center, Northern Regional Center and the Southern Regional Center. These locations provide additional assistance for those seniors who may not be able to complete the application process on their own.

Coverage provided by Medicaid for seniors

When a senior receives Medicaid coverage, they will be able to receive assistance for a number of different services. This includes long-term care in a nursing home or assisted living facility, medical care coverage, dental care, prescription drug coverage and more.

Medicaid covered transportation services

The first step is to contact the Area Agency on Aging to learn what transportation services are offered in the community. There is also a list of general transportation options offered by the North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult services. These services provide seniors with the transportation they need to get to nutrition or medical appointments and can help with other activities of daily life. There are more than 100 rural and urban sources of public transportation. More can be learned about these sources by visiting the TransitNet website, which is sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

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