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Live Like a Local in Raleigh

Raleigh is a great place to visit owing to the abundance of tourist attraction sites and the numerous educational, historical, and cultural sites. Some famous places to visit in Raleigh include The Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts, the Coastal Credit Union Music Park, the North Carolina Museum of Art, and the North Carolina Museum of History among other attractions. Raleigh has some places that locals love to visit for various reasons, places such as restaurants, shopping malls, or even salons. Here are some of the places most of the Raleigh residents love going to.

Where To Get Great Dining Experiences In Raleigh

If you are craving for some freshly cooked and delicious pies, visit the Poole’s Diner. The above diner is famous for serving some of the best sweet pies in Raleigh. Locals claim that Poole's Diner serves the best macaroni and cheese in the world, a claim that you can support or refute by going there and tasting it.

Fried chicken with waffles is a meal that may sound odd but it is a delicacy you can find when you visit the Fiction Kitchen. At Fiction Kitchen, the chef dredges the chicken in a combination of special herbs before frying it and serving it with fluffy Belgian waffles.

People who are not so familiar with Venezuelan cuisine can visit the Guasaca at Lake Boon trail, and have a taste they will never forget. Try out the delicious Arepas stuffed with chicken, cheese, guacamole and much more to ensure you eat to your fill. In addition to being a very popular restaurant, visitors to Guasaca never complain of ever leaving the restaurant without eating to their fill.

Superb Places To Shop In Raleigh

The Historic City Market is the best place to go when looking for fresh fruits and vegetables. This market has several antique shops that offer unique items that can make a beautiful addition to your home. You will find all sorts of interesting people in the market, a situation that makes shopping fun and fascinating.

Buy something special for the woman in your life in Cameron Village's Victoria's Secret store. The Cameron Village is an attractive shopping center with a lot to offer every shopper. After an individual is through with his or her shopping, he or she can sit down and dine at any of the restaurants at the village.

Anyone shopping for clothes will love Brier Creek Commons because it has some of the best national retailers, entertainment facilities, leading restaurants, and unique specialty shops, all in a very convenient location.

Raleigh’s Best Hair Salon

Men in Raleigh love going to Supercuts, a place where they get waxing, coloring, and styling services in addition to a superb haircut. On the other hand, the ladies love salons such as The Argan Hair Salon, where they get hair extensions that give her hair a fuller look and make her blend in with the local style.

Visiting the above areas will be a good start to finding out as much as you can about Raleigh, knowledge that you should use to make your stay in the city a memorable one.

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