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How to Get Around Raleigh Without Driving

Driving is one of the tasks that can become more difficult as you age and many seniors no longer can or will drive on their own. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up your freedom and stay home all day because you have plenty of options. Raleigh offers a variety of transportation services including public transportation and rideshare services. No matter where you need to go or what you need to do, you can find the right form of transportation easily.

Raleigh Transit Authority

The Raleigh Transit Authority or GoRaleigh can help you get almost anywhere you need to within Raleigh. They have an extensive bus system and the R-Line that goes all over the city and they also have a paratransit system called GoRaleigh Access. This system has buses and vans that can accommodate wheelchairs and will make additional stops for those with disabilities. Seniors 65 and older can ride public transportation for free and all you need to do is obtain a GoRaleigh ID card.

Senior Specific Transportation

If you have a caregiver through an in-home caregiving service, you can check to see if they offer transportation services. Some providers will offer transportation for errands, outings, or appointments while some only offer incidental transportation. This is a good option for many seniors because they will be with someone who knows their needs and can care for them if something should happen while they are out. Helping Hands of America, Omega Health Care Services, and Right At Home all are based in Raleigh and have some type of transportation service.


You might also be able to use a taxi for your traveling needs and this can be a good option if there is no bus to your destination or you would like to have door to door service so you don’t have to walk from a station. Amigo Taxi, Taxi RDU Cab, and RDU Airport Taxi all operate in Raleigh and you can schedule rides ahead of time. RDU Airport Taxi travels exclusively to and from the airport so if you need to go somewhere else, choose another cab service.

Rideshare Services: Uber And Lyft

Taxis aren’t the only door to door option in Raleigh. Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft, both operational in Raleigh, offer rides to anywhere you need to go in town. You can schedule a ride through their app or online and this is a really great feature for relatives who are taking care of the transportation needs of elderly family members. Their fares operate a little differently than taxis too and will change based on the demand for rides so make sure you plan accordingly.

Raleigh Senior Transportation Services

The Raleigh Commission on Aging uses vans and buses to provide transportation to seniors residing in Raleigh. These vehicles are equipped with a wheelchair lift and the drivers can assist as well. Seniors can go anywhere in town that they might need to with these vehicles whether that is a doctor’s appointment or to the grocery store. There are also special purpose trips, like to Senior Rallies, that are held annually.

This service is free of charge if you are traveling anywhere in the county. There is a small fee for trips outside of the county but this will often include admission costs, meals, and any other charges that might occur with the trip. If you have a medical emergency or need, there is also a medical transportation service available. This service does come with a charge and you can call 800-463-4780 for more information.

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