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Social Security for Portland Seniors

If you are confused about your Social Security benefits or are unsure of what you should do to get the most from your benefits, the local offices in Portland, Oregon can be a big help. There are so many things that you can do like request new cards, learn about all the different kinds of benefits, and even make sure that your information is safe online. Not only can you get all of these services at your local office, you can find great resources online as well call toll-free numbers.

Where To Go For Your Local Office

Portland has two main Social Security offices, but you can also find help at the Multnomah County building.

U.S. Social Security Administration at 1538 SW Yamhill St. U.S. Social Security Administration at 17925 SE Division St. Multnomah County Department of Human Services at 421 SW Oak St. #620

If none of these locations are close to you or you need to find a different office, you can use the SSA office locator and enter your zip code to find the nearest office.

Social Security also has a toll-free number that you can call at (800)-772-1213 and the hard of hearing can use TTY services at (800- 325-0778. These numbers are open 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Monday through Friday, although there is a 24-hour automated service that can handle a few issues.

What You Can Do At Your Local Office

There is a comprehensive list of services that can be given at your local Social Security office. First, if you have lost your card or need a new one because your name has changed, you can request a replacement there. If you have lost or damaged your Medicare card, Social Security offices will also replace those.

If you’re still willing to work but are a Social Security disabilities beneficiary, you can benefit from one of two work incentive programs. The first, Plan to Achieving Self-Support or PASS, allows those with disabilities to set work goals and meet them with the support of the program. Ticket to Work is similar in that it is designed for those on disability and helps you move up in your job thus receive the training you might need to support yourself.

You can also request a free speaker to give a presentation on Social Security benefits. This is good for large groups of people such as a senior center or an assisted living facility.

Services Offered Online

While you might think it’s easier to handle all of these things in person, sometimes you don’t have the means or the time to go to your local office. That’s why the SSA has created a list of online services so you can get everything you need from the comfort of your own home. You can:

Estimate future benefits Get your Social Security statement See if you qualify for benefits Apply for benefits Plan for your retirement Electronically secure your benefits information

To access these services plus much more, you can create a safe and secure account at My Social Security. This account will give you resources and information you need for your benefits as well as the ability to check on your application process.

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