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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Portland

Even after retirement age, many seniors still find fulfillment in their work. Remaining an active part of the workforce can help to keep your body fit, your mind sharp, and provides plenty of opportunities for socialization. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy for senior citizens to find a job. A 2015 study done by the AARP revealed that it often takes seniors longer to find work than younger job seekers, and many accepted jobs that were below their normal pay rate or that offered fewer hours. Portland seniors that are hunting for a job can take advantage of online resources and local services to help them find steady, gainful employment.

There are a variety of resources designed to help seniors find employment.

Job-seekers who have Internet access can find educational articles with tips and advice on how to get hired by visiting the AARP’s Work & Jobs webpage. You can learn everything from how to write an attention-grabbing resume to interview techniques. The website also has a search function that allows Portland area seniors to browse local jobs. For even more employment opportunities, you can visit one of the other hiring websites recommended by the AARP.

Seniors that are looking for work may be able to find a job through one of several government programs designed to help seniors find employment. The EPA’s Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program provides job opportunities for retired environmental experts over the age of 55, while the U.S. Department of Agriculture finds jobs for qualified seniors through the Agriculture Conservation Experienced Services (ACES) Program. When it comes to public sector jobs for seniors, Oregon gives veterans and disabled veterans priority hiring status.

Low-income seniors can find job hunting assistance through the Oregon Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). Portland residents who are over the age of 55, unemployed and meet the financial requirements for the program can visit the Easter Seals Oregon facility to access SCSEP services such as help with resume development or computer training courses. You can find the Easter Seals Portland location at 10011 SE Division or reach a representative by calling (503) 228-5100.

Low-income seniors can learn vocational skills while earning a paycheck.

The Oregon Easter Seals SCSEP doesn’t just provide educational services and resources. The program helps low-income seniors living in Portland and neighboring cities to train for their job while earning part-time cash. Only the financially dependent are eligible for SCSEP. Once a participant has been in the program for a few years, he or she will have the skills and background necessary to find a well-paid job outside of the program. You can contact your local Easter Seals branch for more information.

Additional employment opportunities are available to Portland seniors.

If you provide care for a loved one at home, you may be able to receive a caregiver’s salary. Long-term care insurance, Oregon Medicaid or the VA Aid & Attendance pension can all help Portland residents to pay a friend or relative to take care of them at home.

Some seniors choose to be their own boss and start a business. The Internet has made it easier than ever to set-up and run your own company. For more information and access to handy resources, contact one of your local U.S. Small Business Administration offices.

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