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Portland Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

When it comes to volunteering, there is a lot offered in the greater Portland area. If you are lucky enough to live in the Portland area as a retiree, then be prepared to have a lot of volunteer opportunities in your area.

If there is some area of expertise that you have, then you might consider utilizing it when it comes time to decide where you want to spend your time. If you need help with transportation to a volunteer project, then your retirement community might be able to help you.

Some organizations have certain guidelines that may influence what you can do for an organization. Larger groups often have the most varying roles so you can mix it up, so you never feel stuck in one position.

Portland is home to an ever-growing population of great people attracted by the gorgeous scenery along with the arts and music scene. Bulletin boards and local papers sometimes have charitable events and calls for volunteers listed. Here are a few places you can begin your volunteer search.

City Of Portland

The parks and recreation department is a good volunteer opportunity for those who like to be around a lot of interesting people and give back to their community in the great outdoors. The city relies on a lot of volunteer hours for beautification projects and events. There is room for those of all ability levels, and they try hard to match you with a project you will enjoy the most.

Hands On Greater Portland

Hands On compiles volunteer opportunities in the greater Portland area so you can search using a variety of criteria. If you are working with any groups that are not on here but want to cast a wider net for volunteers, then they can be contacted. If you know of others looking for volunteer work, then advise them to check out Hands On.

Oregon Volunteers!

This site helps find volunteers for Americorps projects, Oregon Housing and Community Services, and others. This site has a lot of information so you can be more informed when it comes to volunteering your time and finding projects that interest you the most.

Oregon Zoo

Portland is home to the Oregon Zoo, which is a fun place to volunteer because it is exciting to be around abundant wildlife and great people. There are positions for those that like to educate, spend time with animals, maintain the grounds, or be involved in group projects.

The zoo asks that group projects be no less than 5-10 youths or a group of 20 adults. If you live in a larger retirement community or know a lot of people in the surrounding area, you may consider getting a group together.

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