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Portland Veterans Benefits

When individuals choose to dedicate their time and lives to the military, they understand that they are making a huge risk for the well-being of our country. To repay them for that risk they have made, our cities, states, and countries do all that we can to ensure their needs are met and they are well taken care of. Through benefits that help veterans receive health care, find and afford homes, or secure jobs and education, Portland vets can receive the assistance that they need.

Health Benefits for Portland Area Veterans

For the many veterans that return home with medical needs, both physical and mental, there are specific healthcare benefits available to them. Regardless of injury, condition, or medical history, you are qualified to receive healthcare benefits from the VA, given that your discharge from the military was not dishonorable.

Vets in Portland can receive health services and benefits from the VA Portland Health Care System. At the main branch of the hospital, located at 3710 SW U.S. Veterans Hospital Road, local vets can receive primary care services, undergo a rehabilitation program, or receive hospice care when approaching end of life.

The VA Portland Health Care System also practices the VA Health Care for Homeless Veterans Program. This can help ensure that homeless veterans are taken care of medically.

Home Benefits for Portland Area Veterans

There are organizations throughout Portland geared at helping veterans with housing in two different ways. First, with fighting veteran homelessness and ensuring local vets have a place to live, and second, helping vets looking to purchase a home secure the funds that they need.

The Portland Regional Benefits Office can help on both pathways. Through a veterans outreach program, the Portland Regional Benefits Office looks at what they can do to reduce the number of veterans living on the street.

The Portland Regional Benefits Office can provide additional assistance for vets looking to purchase a home or land or maintain their current residence. Here are a few of the ways that the VA can provide financial help:

VA Backed Loans: When trying to get a home loan, the VA can secure part of the loan by guaranteeing a portion of the money.

Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans: If you already have a loan that is too much for you to control, the VA can help you refinance that loan to be more manageable.

Adapted Housing Grants: For veterans who need a completely new home because of a disability, an Adapted Housing Grant can give them the money to make necessary changes.

Other Benefits for Portland Area Veterans

Portland vets are also entitled to receive benefits to help with education or finding a job. While any of the organizations already discussed can help point them in the right direction, vets can also reach out to the Veterans Services Office of Multnomah County. The individuals at the Veterans Services Office understand available benefits and can walk you through the application process.

Older veterans can receive additional care from the Multnomah County Aging, Disability, and Veterans Services Division.

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