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Portland Senior Movers And Downsizers

How ideal would it be for seniors to relocate to a living environment that favors their age and physical capabilities without having to go through all the hassles involved in moving? If it were up to most seniors, when the time comes for them to relocate they would not mind finding their new home properly arranged with all their things in place. Seniors would love to find their pictures hanging on the walls, food in the fridge, beds ready for sleeping, electronics plugged in, and everything they need within their reach. In addition to things done behind the scenes, the right senior movers and downsizers do all the above.

What Makes Senior Movers And Downsizers Different From Ordinary Movers?

An individual who is not familiar with the work of a senior move manager might not understand why the average mover is not the ideal person to relocate a senior. As much as the ordinary movers will do the actual relocation in a great way, senior movers and downsizers do much more than just transport a homeowner's possessions.

Senior movers and downsizers come up with a plan that includes helping the seniors decide what items to dispose of and how to go about that, sorting, packing, and organizing items for transportation, and design and arrange all furniture and equipment in their rightful places in the new home.

Is It Time To Call The Senior Move Managers Yet?

The sooner seniors call move managers and downsizers, the better it is for everyone involved. As soon as all the children have left to live on their own, the parents ought to get the relevant assistance to help them downsize. Dealing with downsizing early enough will make the move to an assisted community or an apartment less emotionally draining, faster, and cheaper. Regardless of whether a move will be prompted by an emergency or seniors will just decide to move on their accord, the relocation process will be much easier and faster compared to where a senior mover comes to begin the whole process from scratch.

Locating Portland's Senior Move Managers

Portland has many senior move managers available to help any senior relocate in the most convenient way possible. If you know a senior who has ever used the services of a senior move manager, can ask them about their experience and decide whether to use the same movers or not. You can find information concerning senior movers on their websites, in sites such as, or the Yellow pages.

Senior move managers who are part of the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) are some of the best senior movers in Portland, and their information is on the NASMM website.

The Cost Of Portland's Senior Movers

In Portland, senior movers charge for the services they provide depending on the job they do. Hardly will two clients end up paying the same since every client has different needs and the time it will take to handle a task will vary. Companies such as Friendly Move Management provide a free assessment and an itemized estimate to help you know what to expect.

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