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Portland Senior Centers

Many active seniors choose to settle down in Portland due to the city’s vibrant culture, vivid entertainment scene, and wide variety of recreational opportunities. Local retirees can keep fit by hiking through the mountains, stay sharp by attending local classes, or simply socialize with friends over games and food.

Games and recreation

The Portland Parks and Recreation Department helps seniors to find and participate in recreational opportunities throughout the city. Nine senior centers located throughout Multnomah county offer social support and organize group activities for elderly individuals living in Portland and the surrounding area. Seniors can visit the Hollywood Senior Center to watch a movie or play games with friends, while the Neighborhood House offers community oriented recreational services for seniors at its downtown and Southwest Portland locations.

Classes and education

Many of Portland’s senior centers offer lifelong learning programs for older adults. The Hollywood Senior Center offers computer courses along with drawing, watercolor, stamping and paper crafting classes that are geared towards adults over the age of 60. Seniors can also participate in arts and crafts classes offered by the Urban League of Portland and learn how to quilt, make jewelry, and more.

Fitness and physical activity

Portland seniors can take advantage of the city’s breathtaking natural beauty by contacting the Parks and Recreation Department to find an outdoor hiking, biking, or jogging group. Seniors can also stay fit indoors by participating in exercise and dance classes. The Urban League of Portland offers Tai-Chi classes for seniors, while the Hollywood Senior Center provides nutritious meals and wellness classes for adults over the age of 55. The YWCA of Greater Portland’s Active Aging Program works with older women to promote healthy aging through movement, activity and exercise.

Singing and Dancing

Senior singers can join the Portland Scandinavian Chorus, a mixed-community choral group that is open to performers of all ages, or they can audition during the summer to join the Choral Arts Ensemble of Portland and perform for audiences throughout the city. Dancers can take classes and participate in student performances at the Polaris Dance Theatre, or join dance classes offered through the department of Parks and Recreation.

Meeting and greeting

If you are looking to meet new people, there are always fresh faces at game nights, outings, and other events organized by your local senior center. Seniors with Internet access can also meet local singles and find friends who share similar interests through Portland area Meetup groups. Over a dozen Meetups around the city cater exclusively to seniors, including yoga groups, gardening clubs, music ensembles and more.

Traveling and tourism

Portland Meetup groups have more to offer seniors than just the promise of new friends. Travelers and tourists can meet like-minded companions and join organized group trips, exploring new cities across the world. The Global Travel Group of Portland arranges regular group excursions to exotic destinations for tourists of all ages. The Hollywood Senior Center also offers monthly day trips to local hotspots and quarterly overseas tours for elderly travelers.

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