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Portland Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Seniors have plenty of options when it comes to long-term care and the majority of them would rather stay in their home and receive care from a family member or loved one. While this is ideal, it can be difficult for caregivers that have full-time jobs and other obligations during the day. Adult day care and respite care can step in and provide some extra help for these busy caregivers and give them peace of mind knowing they don’t have to leave their elderly loved one at home alone. Here is what you need to know about adult day care in Portland.

What Does Adult Day Care And Respite Care Entail?

Caregivers that are caring for family members while they have a full-time job can drop off their loved one at adult day care for a full day of supervision and activities. Adult day care runs five days a week, Monday through Friday, and generally operates between the hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. There are a few programs that offer half-day care, if that works better for your schedule. You can find adult day care services at senior centers or assisted living facilities, through hospitals or even churches.

Adult day care can be customized to your needs and you can find programs that tailor their care to specific needs like dementia or other cognitive conditions. All adult day care programs will have a nursing staff that can take care of things like monitoring vital signs, changing bandages, dispensing medication, and overall managing the medical needs of all seniors. If there is an emergency, they will be there to help and assess the situation.

Any facility that is licensed by the state has to provide a hot lunch and most often you can find places that offer breakfast and snacks as well. There will also be social activities through these programs meant to engage and enrich the senior’s time. Seniors can take exercise classes, garden, cook, do arts or crafts, and play group games like bingo. There are a few programs that schedule field trips or have outside entertainment brought in as well.

Where Are Programs In Portland?

The Oregon Department of Health & Human Services handles the licensing and regulations of facilities here in Portland and there are a few different places you can find adult day care. Choose a place that is near your home or workplace and that will meet the needs of both the caregiver and the senior:

Cedar Sinai Park Adult Day Services 6125 SW Boundary St. (503) 535-4403

The Marie-Smith Health & Social Center 4616 N. Albina St. (503) 335-0993

Lambert House Adult Day Center 2600 SE 170th St. (503) 760-2075

Emerson House Adult Day Program 3577 SE Division St. (503) 234-8585

Trinity Day Care Center 147 NE 19th Ave. (503) 413-7653

You can find more adult day services in Oregon through the Aging and Disability Resource Connection of Oregon website directory.

How Much Does Adult Day Care In Portland Cost?

The average cost of adult day care in Portland is $100 per day and while that might seem high, it is a better deal than an in-home health aide which averages about $157 per day. Plus, prices can vary from place to place and if you don’t use daycare every day it will be less expensive. Low-income seniors on Medicaid can get some help with the cost through their benefits and Oregon has a Community-Based Service program that provides extra support for seniors. Long-term insurance policies might be able to cover day care, especially if it is required for medical reasons.

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