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Portland Rehab Centers

Receiving care in a hospital for a very long time can cripple anyone's finances, which is why the option of nursing homes is such a great idea. Nursing homes have medical professionals and caregivers just like in hospitals, and these institutions are set up for long-term care. However, not every patient in the nursing home is there for long-term care because at least a third of all the patients in nursing homes are there for rehabilitation. If your doctor wants to send you or your loved one to a nursing home for rehab, here is what you can expect.

What Happens In Portland Rehab Centers?

Rehab care is successful when a patient can get back to his or her normal activities after receiving care and getting better. To achieve the above, rehabs in Portland admit patients with conditions that they have the expertise to handle as well as the equipment necessary for their rehabilitation. After establishing that they can help a patient to recover, caregivers in a rehab develop a care plan to meet their needs and address their problem effectively. The caregivers stick to the daily care plan until the patient recovers and can go home.

Rehabs To Consider In Portland

Finding a good rehab in Portland is not difficult because most nursing homes have rehabs. However, if you want to find the best rehabs, you can visit and find a comprehensive list. Here are the top three:

Regency Gresham Nursing & Rehab Center – This is the ideal center for long term and short-term treatment.

West Hills Village Senior Residence – Caregivers here provide retirement living at the height of excellence.

Comfort Home – This is a great place to send a senior for treatment for their first time.

You will also find great benefit in listening to what your friends and neighbors who visited rehabs in the past have to say about where they were.

What You Cannot Compromise Concerning A Rehab

Make sure that the rehab meets the following standards before signing in:

Patients, family members, and staff members must have positive things to say about the rehab.

The rehab must have round the clock caregivers and health equipment to take care of seniors.

The facility must maintain a high level of cleanliness at all times and give the patients a great environment for recovery.

The facility must offer you a range of options which you can use to clear your rehab treatment expenses.

How To Make Rehab Payments In Portland

Medicare: Medicare will cater for a patient's bills for a period if the patient meets all the requirements stipulated for the cover and if the Rehab is a Medicare-certified nursing facility.

Medicaid: Just like Medicare, patients have to qualify for Medicaid coverage, since the cover is most suitable for low-income earners.

Private insurance: Most people use private insurance to cover part of the rehab expenses. This type of insurance is important, and it helps where other sources fall short.

Patients who do not have access to the above can pay with their resources and even borrow when the circumstance dictates.

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