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Portland Nursing Homes

At some point during the golden years, it may become apparent that a beloved senior member of the family will need care beyond what the family is able to provide at home. It’s nice to think that families have time to plan and prepare for that eventual junction. It’s great when things go according to plan, but sometimes a health crisis signals a faster than expected transition to skilled nursing home care.

This turn of events can throw a family into turmoil as they seek for ways to find and fund an appropriate nursing home placement. Amid the scrambling to make arrangements, family members are often so focused on all the transitional pieces that there isn’t time to process their own feelings and emotions about it. Finding quality nursing care can go a long way towards calming emotions for concerned family members.

Families: Easing the Transition to Nursing Home Care

Making the transition to nursing care brings up a host of new emotions among caring family members. Among the confusion and overwhelming emotions like stress and anxiety, family members may also unexpectedly feel a sense of relief. Feeling relieved may trigger a sense of guilt and cause family members to rethink their decisions.

Placing someone in a nursing home falls into the category of making a major life decision. Give your loved one time to settle in and allow your own emotions time to stabilize. It’s an adjustment for everyone.

It helps to keep in touch with the staff and administration on a regular basis until you develop a level of trust and confidence in them. Address concerns early and keep the lines of communication open. You may want to visit a little more often in the beginning. Short check-ins are okay. You don’t need to visit for long periods every time. It might be a good idea for family members to get some counseling if the transition proves too difficult.

Funding for Nursing Home Care in Portland

Individuals who have long-term care policies may be able to fund nursing home expenses using their policies. Families may want to consult with an attorney who specializes in elder law to understand any limits or exclusions.

Medicare does not pay for long-term care. The Oregon Medicare agency may help families avoid or delay a nursing home placement by coordinating skilled nursing care or home health care under certain circumstances or after a hospital stay.

A popular way of funding long-term care services is Medicaid. The state Medicaid agency can help families understand which Medicaid programs the individual qualifies for and which services they may be able to receive. Medicaid funds assistance with activities of daily living, assistance with instrumental activities of daily living, health-related tasks, and other services that help aging individuals live as independently as possible.

The rising costs of nursing home care are forcing today’s families to combine funding sources to pay for expensive nursing home care. Families may explore options that include tapping into the individual’s assets or getting help from other family members and combining those funds with Medicare, Medicaid, or long-term care insurance.

Nursing Home Costs in Portland

At least 70% of people over the age of 65 will require long-term care services at some time during their lifetime. The 2015 Genworth Cost of Care Survey for Oregon shows that average nursing home rates are about $96,725 for a semi-private room and about $101,835 for a private room. These rates have risen about 4% over the last 5 years. Senior care rates have been rising across the board in Portland including homemaker services, home health aide services, and assisted rates. Adult day care rates are the only senior services that slightly dropped rates in Portland. is committed to helping families find the best care for seniors at any stage of the golden years. offers a directory of senior care services that includes independent living, senior apartments, senior group homes, assisted living, Alzheimer’s care, in-home care, and nursing home care. The site lists information on various senior care services and lists their prices so that families can plan for expenses surrounding any level of care. Use the site to find licensed senior care providers and providers who have experience with dementia care. The search feature on saves time by allowing you the ability to refine your search by the specific services that you need. You can also bring up a search by consumer ratings or cost.

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