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Portland Funeral Homes

This helpful guide provides consumers with a variety of resources that offer guidance and tips on how to find the right funeral home as well as ways to save money on service arrangements. Consumers’ funeral rights outlined within the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are additional highlights to help you manage the process of honoring a loved one that has recently passed.

The FTC Funeral Rule Provides Peace of Mind

Shopping for a funeral service provider can be stressful and overwhelming. The Federal Trade provides consumers with protective laws under the FTC Funeral Rule. The regulations outline protective measures that govern the way in which funeral service providers engage in business practices when selling services to consumers. A few examples of the laws outlined within the FTC Funeral Rule include:

Funeral homes must provide consumers with detailed information about costs for services over the telephone without any obligation or the need to reveal personal information.

Consumers have the right to purchase a casket or urn from a provider other than the selected funeral home.

Funeral homes must provide consumers with a written statement of costs that details funeral arrangements and services prior to making payment.

Funeral service providers must inform consumers relative to legal stipulations for the use of a cemetery or crematory in writing.

Online Resources to Help You Find a Funeral Home

Digital Memorial maintains a nationwide network of funeral service providers that consumers can use to review potential choices and available features and options. Their search tool is helpful for finding local funeral homes in the Portland, Oregon area based on zip code or city name. Examples of local providers include the Zeller Chapel of Roses Funeral Home and Skyline Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home.

Another helpful resource for finding a funeral home in the Portland, Oregon area includes the online directory maintained by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Highlights of the BBB directory include being able to read reviews and ratings and checking for potential complaints against funeral service providers.

How to Manage Funeral Expenses and Save Money

Funeral expenses can be a burden if you are not prepared. Managing the costs associated with funeral arrangements is easiest if you have a life insurance policy. The benefits of having a life insurance policy includes the fact that you can purchase one at a young age and let it build in annuity over the years until the time comes to use the funds. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lists additional ways you can save on expenses on their “shopping for funeral services” page.

Other ways to save on the costs of a funeral include purchasing just the basic services. You do not need to buy an expensive casket to honor the life and memory of a loved one. One creative way to save money is to have family friends or coworkers cater the funeral reception and have people bring food items instead of paying for a caterer, which is expensive and adds to the costs.

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