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Portland Financial Advisors

The Portland area is home to many investment professionals and financial planners that can help you on the path to a more satisfactory retirement. If you have never met with a financial planner, then there is no time like the present to start planning.

It is surprising to many people when they discover all the services a financial advisor can offer each of their clients. The younger you are when you get started managing your finances responsibly, the better off you are. Over the course of your working life, an advisor can make sure that you are stretching your dollar as far as you can. Making sound investment choices is easier when you are getting help.

A Financial Routine That Is Right For You

A financial planner should be into working with you as to how often you meet. During the initial phase of instituting your financial plan, frequent meetings may be necessary. Sometimes original paper documents and notarization are necessary that require meeting face to face.

Those seeking advice need to be patient in the beginning stages. If you have complex finances such as a lot of investments or multiple businesses, it may take longer to get things as you want them.

After you have taken care of paperwork related to insurance, finances, and your overall estate, an annual meeting may be all that is required. Most advisors try very hard to make sure you come in at least annually just to make sure that you are satisfied and to offer suggestions for further investments or changes. This is your time to bring up any concerns or talk about any major changes in your life.

Resources For Finding The Perfect Planner To Help You

One positive about seeking out a financial planner is that there are a lot of choices out there so you will be able to find a planner that you can work with towards a comfortable retirement. Here are some ways to find a financial planner in the greater Portland area.


Some banks offer more financial planning and retirement services than others. If you bank with a larger bank, then there is a good chance they offer substantial planning services. Sometimes you don't get as personalized of a service with larger banks, but fees can be very reasonable or non existent in some cases.

Certified Financial Professionals

The CFP is dedicated to offering a network of financial planners that have experience with a wide range of portfolio types and different levels of asset management. A CFP can offer as little or as much services as you want them to.

Better Business Bureau Lists

A BBB rating is important when it comes to trustworthy businesses. You can find a list of BBB accredited financial planners and investment firms online or contact them for advice on the nearest financial planner. Doing your research ahead of time can allow you to narrow down your choices before going through an initial consultation process.

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