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Portland Elder Law Attorneys

One thing that many people don’t realize is that seniors have to deal with a lot of complicated issues as they age. Yes, they have to consider health care providers and long-term care options but they also have to worry about pension plans, Medicaid benefits, insurance companies, and end-of-life issues like writing out their will. This can be very draining as well as complicated and if you find yourself dealing with these issues every day, you might want to consider using an elder law attorney. These specialized lawyers can bring expertise and organization to often complex processes and help you enjoy your senior years instead of dread them.

Why Is An Elder Law Specialist Important?

When dealing with government agencies and other aspects of elder law, there are often many steps and hoops you have to jump through to make sure you get what you deserve. Trying to do it all yourself can be frustrating and because so many areas of elder law are connected one decision has the ability to affect everything. Take your Medicaid benefits, for example, these are tied into the assets that you own. Your assets can be affected by many different things like inheritances or estates and if those change they can mess with your Medicaid benefits.

Elder law attorneys understand all of this and know how to work through each step of the process because that is what they do day in and day out. Another benefit of an elder law attorney is that they can provide support to you and your family during these issues and connect you to various resources throughout the community.

Who Can Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

For planning purposes and problem-solving when it comes to senior issues, you can hire an elder law attorney. If legal guardianship ever comes up or you are no longer able to manage your own affairs, your family or close friends can also hire an elder law attorney. It is also important that if there has been an instance of senior abuse, physical or financial, you contact an elder law attorney to get the matter resolved.

When Is The Best Time To Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

The best case scenario is right when you begin to plan your estate that way you have guidance from an expert throughout the whole process. If you wait, you might waste time and money trying to figure everything out or lose out on valuable assets because you did something wrong. An attorney that specializes in elder law knows every facet of estate planning from asset ownership to advance healthcare directives, so they will be able to make the process smooth and make your future simpler.

You can also hire an elder law attorney anytime you have questions or concerns on issues that involve your senior status. Topics such as:

Medicaid benefits or VA assistance

Senior housing opportunities

Insurance companies and long-term care options

Possibility of senior abuse or discrimination

Are things that you may want to seek the advice of an elder law specialist. Each elder law attorney will be stronger in some aspects of elder law than others so, make sure you find a lawyer that fits your needs and can provide the most help.

Finding An Elder Law Attorney In Your Area

You can use both word of mouth and online sources to find an elder law attorney. Ask your family and friends if they have any suggestion and talk with family lawyers in your neighborhood to see who they would recommend.The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and the National Elder Law Foundation both have databases that allow you to search for local attorneys and websites like Super Lawyers is a good place to find top-rated attorneys near you.

The Oregon State Bar has a lawyer referral service that will allow you to search for elder law attorneys in your area and they also offer a Modest Means Program to help moderate-income families get legal aid they can afford.

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