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Portland Demographics And Lifestyle

Hardly will you find another city in the world that has the creativity and inspiration to match-up to what you will find in Portland. This city is ideal for people of all ages, even those in their retirement. If you are thinking of moving to Portland, here is a bit of vital information you need to help you transition better.

People Living In Portland

Portland is home to over 66,660 people, slightly more than half of them being women. 12.6% of the population is made up of people 65 years and older, a very high figure that shows just how comfortable this place is for retirees. Whites make-up 85% of the total population, whereas African Americans, American Indians, and Asians make-up 7.1%, 0.5%, and 3.5% of the population respectively.

Portland's economy is doing well, with the visitors and non-veteran residents contributing so much to the growth of the economy. One area of the economy that is doing well is technology, and because there are so many technology companies here, many people have referred to Portland as Silicon Forest.

The Weather In Portland

Portland is one of the best places to settle down, especially if the climate is a major factor when it comes to making your decision. Thanks to the proximity to the ocean and the Mediterranean features, the temperate climate here results into warm and dry summers, and cool and wet winters.

The summer months hardly experience any rainfall, but they experience 144 days of sunshine, with July averaging as the hottest month with temperatures reaching 79°F. Snowfall and freezing temperatures are not typical, winters here tend to be very wet and the months from November to February receive over half the annual rainfall expected.

The Portland Bureau of Emergency Management shares valuable information with the residents of Portland concerning disaster readiness, disaster response, and recovery. The above have relevant material, which people can read and implement in the event of an earthquake, severe weather, or winter, etc.

Portland's Plants And Animals

Portland has amazing animals and plants that survive in its environment. The urban wildlife here consists of native trees, flowers, berries, shrubs, gardens, parks, and plants that provide food and homes for the bald eagles, peregrine falcons, great blue herons, and coyotes. The grassland habitat is home to the deer, reptiles, birds such as the American kestrel hovering, amphibians, and mammals.

The forest habitat here is home to Portland's most beautiful birds, which sing all day long and entertain all the visitors through the woods. The woodpeckers, on the other hand, keep hammering on the trees but do not let them take your attention from looking out for the cougars, the bobcats, and the black bear. The aquatic habitat is full of frogs, salamanders, dragonflies, and fish.

The plant and animal life here in Portland present the locals and visitors with an amazing experience of nature, where they get to eternalize their memories by taking amazing photographs.

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