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Medicaid in Portland

Oregon’s Medicaid program, also known as the Oregon Health Plan, provides inexpensive or free health insurance to low income residents across the state. Many Portland seniors rely on Medicaid funding to afford in-home assistance, long-term nursing care, or a variety of other vital medical services.

Medicaid eligibility requirements for Oregon Residents

Oregon residents with a low income and limited assets are not always able to afford the cost of health insurance. Luckily, the Oregon Health Plan can help these individuals pay for quality medical care. This program is limited to families and seniors over the age of 65 that meet the state’s strict financial requirements, along with the blind and disabled.

Assistance for Oregon Medicaid applicants

Applying for Medicaid in Oregon has never been easier. Individuals with Internet access can use the convenient online portal to apply as long as they have downloaded the latest version of Internet Explorer or Safari and have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader. Those who don’t own a computer or who need a little bit of assistance navigating the OregonHealthCare website can turn to a local community partner or certified insurance agent for help.

For more information about the Oregon Health Plan and for assistance with your application, you can visit a Portland area Department of Human Services office. There are several offices located within the city that offer services specifically geared towards seniors and people with physical disabilities, including locations at:

600 NE 8th Street; (503) 988-3840 1430 SW Broadway; (503) 227-5605 4610 SE Belmont; (503) 988-4450 7688 SW Capitol Highway; (503) 244-5204

If you still find yourself struggling to fill out any portion of your Oregon Health Plan application, you can contact the processing center toll-free at 1-800-699-9075. Oregon residents that are already enrolled in the state Medicaid program and have questions, comments or concerns can reach a representative at 1-800-273-0557.

Health services covered under the Oregon Medicaid program

Medicaid in Oregon provides health and dental care along with limited optical care. If you qualify for Medicaid, you will have free or inexpensive access to routine medical services. Many Portland seniors, however, have complex medical needs that go beyond the basic health care covered by Oregon Medicaid. Low income seniors with long-term health care needs, such as dementia patients, may be able to use Medicaid funds to cover the cost of assisted living or nursing care.

Transportation services for Oregon Medicaid patients

Many seniors either don’t own a car or are no longer able to drive. On top of that, public transportation such as the bus or train can be inconvenient and uncomfortable for some seniors. Luckily, the transportation service Ride to Care provides Ohio Health Plan holders with an easy way to get to and from appointments. This program uses local drivers and existing transportation organizations to make sure that seniors on Medicaid make it to their medical appointments safely and on-time. Portland residents can reach a representative by calling (503) 416-3955, while those living outside of Oregon can call the Ride to Care toll-free hotline at 1-855-321-4899 at any time of day.

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